Your Guide To The Best Student Summer Holiday

As a student you have a long summer holiday from college or university, which is why it's common to head off to other countries for a while. Some go backpacking and some find temporary work in other places, but generally, it's all about expanding your mind and having a good time. They usually end up in warm countries where houses are built to stay cool rather than warm, and drinks are always readily available with plenty of ice on them. There is no end of option for students and the break from all the hard work of studying can be very welcome.

Backpacking In South East Asia
Places such as Thailand and Bali are a popular destination for students to backpack for a few weeks. It is very cheap to live there with accommodation in hostels and the street food is inexpensive and delicious. The people of South East Asia are said to be the friendliest in the world and will welcome all visitors with open arms. Students don't need a fortune to make this trip, and can possibly find some work in a bar or restaurant to help stretch their money a bit further. There are literally many hundreds of islands in the area, and moving from one to the other will let you see different cultures as well as trying the local dishes.

Travel Around Europe
Students can travel around Europe by train. There are many countries that the current freedom of movement means they can visit without needing a visa. Places such as Germany and Belgium are popular spots for students.Some of them opt for jobs in Ibiza or Mallorca, both of which have a reputation for some of the cities being a partygoers’ paradise. They work in bars, restaurants, theme parks and anywhere else they can find work. The influx of tourists in the summer month’s mean that many extra staff are needed to cater for their needs. Often these jobs do not pay a fantastic wage, but sometimes accommodation is thrown in. It might be shared with people you do not know, but you certainly will know them by the end of the summer. You have to be prepared to work hard and sometimes long hours. But when you are interacting and getting tips from tourists all day, the shift does not feel as long as it actually is. After work, you can go partying, as there are clubs that stay open till the very early hours. Most jobs don't start very early in the morning, so you will be able to get up later than you would for work in the UK.

Staying Safe
Being on holiday for anything up to three months isn't like being away for two weeks. It doesn't matter where you go, there will always be some things that apply. Always let people know where you are, even if it's by creating posts on social media. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are all great ways of making posts about where you are intending to go each day, and then if you should be involved in an accident, at least people will be able to give the emergency services some idea of the area you might be. Let any friend or acquaintances know a rough time you should be back by, as there will come a point when they'll report you missing. Some countries have wonderful walks along hilltops, and if you are on your own and have slipped and sprained an ankle, this could mean that rescue teams need to find you. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on. The sun does not need to feel especially hot for it to be damaging your skin. If there is a bit of a breeze you might think it is a chilly day, until you get to see yourself in a mirror and find your face, arms and chest are all burned. It takes just a few minutes to put some sunscreen on, but the protection it gives you is crucial.

Try the Local Foods
Try the local foods and you may be amazed at how much flavour they have compared to some English dishes. They tend to be made with fresh local produce, and unless you are eating in a top class restaurant, the food will not cost you a fortune. Avoid English supermarkets too, as they are very expensive. This is because they have to import the English products and they will often cost you more than twice what they would in the UK. Each country will have its own brand, just like Tesco and Asda in the UK. For instance, the largest local supermarket in Spain is called Mercadona. Its own brands are good quality and you can shop there cheaper than anywhere else. You just need to adjust your eating style slightly and relish the local foods. While you are shopping, it is a good idea to buy bottled water, as this can help to reduce the risk of an upset tummy.

Meet New People
Don't be surprised when you meet lots of English people, wherever you travel to for your summer break. The English are often attracted to resorts in Europe and places like South East Asia. You will also find that many locals will speak at least a little English, as often it is the second language taught in schools. Respect the culture of the country you are in. You have chosen to visit a place where things will be done differently to in the UK. But it is their country and you have to accept and respect their traditions and culture. In some of them, for instance, there will be a festival every weekend, and when they have such an event, the whole town joins in as well as any visitors.

Summer breaks can show you a whole different world. They can be great fun and you could meet people that will become lifelong friends. Just decide where you want to go, and then plan your holiday. It will be an experience that will stay will you forever, and hopefully, that will be because of the great time you had.

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