Focusing Your Life On People That Need It Most

couple at the beach spending time together

Some of us are guilty of focusing our attention on the wrong people entirely. As we get a little older and our lives start to branch out, priorities can change. For example, through your teenage years, your priority will change from your family and move towards friends, and that’s perfectly normal. But as you get older, you might have noticed that this has carried on, with you neglecting your family a little bit more than you should. Your family and you are really the people who you need to be paying the most attention to, especially as they start to age and their needs change. So although it’s fab to have a booming social life,  it’s so important that you stop and try and think about the needs of your family that might be growing too. 

Your Family
Putting some of your attention onto your family is so important. While life is passing by so quickly, so many of us are missing out on precious opportunities to spend time with family, just because life is so busy. So think about the needs that they might have, and how they might be changing. Some of you might have parents or grandparents who are really starting to move into old age, and for them and you, that can be scary. Grandparents especially need the most attention, because as they become more immobile, they need that helping hand. It might be worth thinking about contacting a recommended stairlift company to help them around the house, and care companies to help them with daily living tasks. It’s easy for their struggles to go unnoticed if your attention isn’t on them, so you might not even know that you need all of this! So think of all of the ways that you can spend more time with family. If you’ve moved out of the family home, you could even just pop round for coffee once a week, rather than waiting to be offered round. Just dropping in on the people closest to you like this gives you that quality time with them is amazing if you feel like life is too busy to do anything big all of the time!

Making sure that you’re making time for yourself is so important. As time goes on, the need for this will only grow and grow. So many people are suffering with stress and anxiety at the minute, simply because their lives are so busy, and they’re never getting the R&R the body needs. So each week, make sure you’re finding some time for just you, where you’re doing what you want to do, without being bothered by anything else. Whether it be a hobby you have, or just sitting in your room with a facemask on, watching a rubbish chick flick. Your brain and your life needs down time, and taking it is something you’re really going to benefit from.

Your Partner
Relationships are a two way street, effort needs to be put in from both parties. However, it's a fine line- and it's also important to stay true to yourself too. This means having your own hobbies and interests outside of your relationship or marriage. This prevents you from becoming needy or over invested, as once you reach this stage it's where arguments can happen and your partner is actually likely to pull away. Healthy relationships are committed and loving without being co-dependent. Have your own life too and your partner is likely to respect you more, and you'll be less concerned with their every move which can be stifling for the other person. 

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