Marvellous Marble: Taking Care of Your Kitchen Countertops

kitchen with a marble countertop

Adding a marble countertop in any room will produce an elegant panache that leaves a positive lasting impression on guests. Marble countertops also increase the value of a home by making a room more functional, as well as more aesthetically appealing. What else do you need to know about your marble countertop? Let’s find out. 

Distinct Appearance 
Marble evolves during a natural process that begins with either limestone rock or sedimentary dolomite. The process produces marble that is unique in appearance. With a countless variety of colours and textures, your marble countertop will bend seamlessly with the interior décor of the room where you plan to install it. 

Resists Heat 
Ask a professional chef what his or her favorite counter is, and the answer will be virtually unanimous for marble. Marble retains its cool temperature even if it is exposed to high baking temperatures or the searing flames coming out of a stove. Marble never burns, but you can preserve the beautiful stone by placing a heat resistant mat between the natural stone and a scorching hot pot or pan. 

Taking care of marble to prevent staining and etching requires a little more effort than the maintenance required for other types of natural stones. However, the additional work is well worth the boost in the value of your home. You need to seal marble to repel liquids that leave stains, as well as avoid placing citrus, vinegar, and tomatoes on your marble counter. The three popular cooking ingredients can etch marble. Make sure to eliminate spills quickly to prevent etching marble. Moreover, use marble cleaner to keep the natural stone clean. 

Softness for Cutting and Shaping 
Softer than granite and many manmade counter options, marble is easy to shape into a design that matches the décor of your home. You can create several different types of edge profiles, such as straight, bevel, and bullnose. As the most popular premium edge, waterfall presents three cascading arches that improve the texture of your marble counter. 

Soft Does Not Mean Weak 
Marble might be soft and require a little extra maintenance, but that does not mean the natural stone is weak. In fact, marble represents the most durable natural stone used for countertops. Many of the historically renowned structures located throughout the world owe their durability to marble. The toughest natural stone resists the damage caused by dents, cracks, and scratches. For more, please visit

Inviting Glow 
Marble does an outstanding job of reflecting both natural and artificial light. If you place a marble counter near a window in the bathroom or kitchen, you can expect to create a more inviting ambiance. Marble is a great option for homeowners that want to make a room look brighter and larger. 

Finally, you should know your marble counter will have a positive timeless impact on the appearance of any room where you choose to install the home accessory. Unlike other types of natural stones, as well as manmade counters like laminate, marble will never go out of home décor style.

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