5 Home Improvement Tips for a Small Home

Small homes can be cute and cosy but they can also turn into cluttered mountains of mess. If your home is getting too cluttered and you're starting to fall out of love with it this is the post for you. Lack of space isn't the end of the world, in fact, small homes present you with an opportunity to get creative. To make the most out of your small home, here are a few of my favourite tips.

Tip 1 - Add more storage.
If you are lucky enough to have a home with many rooms you can get away with clutter for a little longer, but if you're like me and you have a small home, a few items here and there tend to make it look like I have been hoarding items for years. You can add storage in multiple ways, you could consider adding more shelves, fixed cupboards, bench seats (with under-seat storage) and corner cupboards. In rooms like the kitchen, you could add pot hangers so you can fit more items in the cupboards. In the bathroom, you could add towel rails and hampers or wicker baskets to store your towels.

Tip 2 - Make the most out of your space.
In small homes you need to make the most of your space, this can be done by selecting the best furniture for your home. A 65" TV may look impressive in the store but in your small living room, it will dwarf everything and look out of place. In the kitchen, you may want a 6 hob cooker to make life easier when cooking for the family, but you may not have the room for it. Choosing a smaller hob with 4 rings may help you fit in an extra cupboard for more storage. In the bathroom you could have both a shower and a bath separate, but if space is an issue you could choose to install a p shaped bath instead. A p shaped bath combines both a shower and bath into one and opens up your bathroom space for more storage and other bathroom furniture.

Tip 3 - Add more lighting.
Dark spaces can make your home look smaller than it is. Adding more lighting to your home will create the illusion of more space. More lighting can be achieved by adding spotlights in the ceiling, through the use of desk lamps or through natural means. Natural lighting in the home can be achieved by replacing old nets and curtains with new blinds. You could also take this a step further by adding skylights to your roof. Skylights in your roof look amazing, they bring in 50% more light than traditional windows and add bags of character to your home, but they are not cheap. A typical skylight can cost from £400 and in most of your rooms you are going to need 2-4 skylights depending on the size of the room.

Tip 4 - Convert the loft.
Loft conversions can be expensive, but they do offer an additional room where you can store more of your items. Loft conversions can also add up to 20% more value to your home. However, you need to take into consideration the maximum price you could sell your home for. If homes in your area are selling for £300,000 and your home is worth £280,000 already, a loft conversion may not give you a return on investment. A typical loft conversion can cost up to £40,000. If in doubt I would advise you to contact your local estate agent to see if it would be worth adding a loft conversion on to your home.

Tip 5 - Remove the radiators.
This is a tip I carried out myself last year and the space savings you get by removing the radiators and adding underfloor heating is incredible. Not only do you get more room by removing your radiators you also get more consistent heating and my home seems to stay warm for longer.

Having a small home and keeping it clean and tidy is challenging. With the above tips, you should now be able to do more with the space that you have. Do you have any tips on improving small homes? If you do please leave them in the comment section below.

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