Mothers Need To Feel Special In Your Wedding: Here’s How!

mother lacing up her daughters wedding dress

Mothers indeed are special gems. They are our number one supporters who will stick with us in both bad and good times. Have you ever wondered why they will always get excited when you tell them you have decided to marry your girlfriend? Well, it is because they always want the best for you. It is during this time that you need to make your mother feel special, just like the queen she is. How can you do that? Find out below. 

1. Help her choose her dress 
Mother- son bonds are one of the strongest relationships in the family setting. To make her feel extra special, go shopping with her. Help her look up for mother of the groom dresses on the internet and give her insight too. Be free with her, tell her if you think the dress will flatter her or it will look dull. This indeed is the perfect time to bond with your mom before you say I do. You can go a step further and accompany her on her shopping spree in JJ’s House. Be there when she fits the dresses and give her your opinion. You never know how much it means to her! 

2. Have her as part of your planning committee 
Naturally, mothers are great planners. And their input plays a significant role in the success of your wedding. You can decide to have your mother as part of the planning committee. Remember, she wants the best for you, and oftentimes, she will always go out of her way to ensure that the day becomes a success. Get to know what her opinions are on the theme of the wedding, the décor, the venue and so on. You might find out that she has a lot of contacts that might give you discounts for the wedding décor and so on. Take advantage of that. 

3. Keep her in the loop 
Amidst all the planning, budgeting, and shopping, you might end up forgetting to keep in touch with your mother. This, in turn, makes her feel neglected, and she might even withdraw and lose psyche for the wedding. Be sure to keep her on the loop; let her know what is going on, and in case of any changes inform her also. 

4. Ensure that all her needs are catered for at the wedding 
Another way that you can make your mother feel special is to ensure that she is treated like a queen during your wedding. First, ensure that her dress gets delivered on time. Secondly, take care of all her makeup and jewelry expenses. And lastly, ensure that you get her a driver to take her to the venue and back when the ceremony is over. You should also make sure your mother gets a place on the high table and gets some time to speak during the wedding. 

5. Have them walk you down the aisle 
Having your mother walk you down the aisle is one of the most special moments for them. In fact, most of them shed some tears at this point as they are often overwhelmed by the happy emotions. If you want her to remember your wedding for the rest of her life, make sure she walks you down the aisle.

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