Staging Your Home To Sell: An Estate Agent’s Guide

a simple dining room decorated for a house sale

The way prospective buyers feel when they first enter your home can play a crucial role in the sales process. First impressions really do count. Even though everyone knows the real value of the house is not the decor or accessories, dressing your home for a sale helps potential buyers see to easily see it in its best light - instead of expecting them to see past the clutter and imagine the potential. There are a number of simple things you can do to make your home more appealing - what the experts call Home Staging - and it can help you to make that sale much quicker and with fewer viewings. It can also increase to the price buyers will offer or even lead to that Holy Grail of house sales; the bidding war. So, spending some time presenting your home at its best can be time well spent. Here are some top tips for staging your home to sell from a leading estate agent.

1. Declutter
This is one of the simplest ways to make your home feel more spacious and inviting. Moving home can be a great opportunity to get rid of things you no longer want or need. Or you could begin to pack away non-essentials that could easily remain in storage until you move. 

2. Clean & tidy
Making sure your home is sparkling clean and orderly is another simple way to present it at its best. A good clean will also ensure that your home smells pleasant which is another important aspect of home-staging. If you have pets, deep cleaning equipment or hiring professionals can also be a good idea. 

3. Light & airy
Bright homes that feel fresh and spacious are much easier to sell than dark, dingy homes that feel cramped. So do what you can to make your home light and bright. Placing mirrors strategically can help to bounce more light around, as well as enabling your prospective buyers to literally see themselves in your home. Opening windows allows for fresh air to circulate and adds a lovely breezy feel in warm weather. However, ensure that rooms are warmed up after the airing if you are selling your home in the colder months. 

4. Neutralise
Removing personal items will help prospective buyers to imagine the space as their home. So, pack away anything related to you and your family, e.g photos, souvenirs, children's artwork etc… It's also a good idea to neutralise your decor. Strong colours or statement pieces may look stylish to you but can be off-putting if they're not to everyone's taste. It can be worth taming any bold decor, to help potential buyers see the space as a blank canvas. 

5. Showhome styling
Your potential buyers will have a vision of how they want to live in their new home. Dressing your home to feel the way they want to feel will help them imagine themselves living there. So, if you are hoping to sell to a family, how can you accessorise your home to create the vision of happy family life? Or if you're selling to young professionals, what lifestyles are important to them? Adding these simple, subtle touches with your accessories can make your home even more appealing. Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to make the extra effort to show your home at its best. Of course, you could always just let your home be viewed ‘as is’, but this may mean selling takes longer or doesn’t achieve the price you expect. Selling a home can be a lengthy and stressful experience, with much of the process beyond your control. 

Home-staging is something you can do to invite sales more quickly and at the best possible price. So, you can then turn your attention to adding the Wow Factor to your new home.