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What better way to bring your entire group together and party hard than a brilliant stag do before your wedding. The great thing about throwing a stag do is that you can choose from literally hundreds of hilarious party themes, here are some of the best to pick from. 

Superheroes Stag Do Theme 
A popular stag do theme is superheroes of some kind. Thanks to a huge increase in the number of superhero movies being released lately, every one of your pals most definitely will have a one favourite superhero. The choices to dresses as are limitless from DC’s celebrated cape heroes like Batman and Superman to Marvel’s highly popular characters such as Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk. Expect fun to not stop in a Superhero Stag Do party. 

Oppo suits stag do theme 
With this theme you get to throw an amazing and crazy party while guests still get a chance to dress in craziest Oppo suits. It will be an ideal party theme for those of your friends who spend eight hours every day in front of a work station dressed in boring business suits. Oppo suits allow them to dress in just the opposite of boring black & white suits. 

Game of Thrones Stag Do Theme 
There's no other mythology TV series that garnered more praise and accolade than Game of Thrones. The HBO show has a cult following which is why it is ideal as a Stag Do theme. The diversity of characters has enough option for everyone to choose whether you are planning the stag weekend in a hot or a cold location. Brandish that Night’ Watch cloak if the party is at a colder location or bring out the Khal Drogo in you if the party destination is warm. 

Elvis Stag Do Theme 
Ah, the king of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Elvis is not just a beloved music icon but a fashion figure as well. This is why Elvis stag do theme is ideal especially if you are planning a silent disco party. There are plenty of options for all of you to choose from-black loafers, turned-up blue jeans, high collar bright shirt and white socks. Elvis costumes have a lot of scope for all of you to experiment. Plan Elvis Stag Do party in any silent disco Edinburgh and you will have the most fun possible. This is one of the most epic party themes guaranteed to impress the guests and onlookers. 

James Bond Stag Do Theme 
Bond, James Bond! One of the most cherished characters that the UK film industry has given to the world. If you are planning a stag weekend where guest can dress such that they ooze class, then James Bond Stag Do theme is the perfect choice. This party theme will be ideal for parties planned at casinos, clubs or some fancy hotels. Your pals will enjoy spending an evening dressed as a chauvinist secret agent that women drool over. 

Pirates of the Caribbean Stag Do Theme 
If you are planning a destination stag do that has anything to do with water, yachts or the ocean then the Pirates of the Caribbean is the theme for you. Get to play the part that you most adore but remember there are quite a few accessories you will need to do just to your character- boots, belt, hat, eyeliner, hook hand, jacket and other stuff. When Captain Jack Sparrow never had a dull moment then how can you guys not have an eventful and spectacular night? 

Now that you have the best stag do themes listed, all you have to do is to pick the one that best suits your group.

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