Dress For Success: A Guide To Prepping For Interviews

There are so many factors that go into being successful in an interview and it can be a whole host of things that can be the deciding factor. So what is the most key thing to be aware of? Well, the honest answer is none of them really, but here we are going to concentrate on how to dress for success in an interview. 

Research The Dress Code At The Firm 
Every work-place will have a slightly different dress code and although you won’t be expected to buy a new outfit for every single interview, it still pays to take note of what the general vibe of the office is and dress appropriately in accordance with this. It will show that you fit in there and even if it’s just a slight and subtle subconscious thought by your interviewer it can only help. 

Don’t Go Too Flashy 
Dress to impress is an old mantra and there certainly is some truth in that, looking impressive is certainly good but you don’t want to dress too flashy and send another message. It’s essentially an issue of confidence vs cockiness and this goes for all aspects of applying for a job but it can be apparent when you show it visually by dressing up too much. I would personally advise avoiding things like hats, unusually coloured suits or shirts or wacky ties, etc. 

Classic & Smart Is Good 
Classic and smart are good things when it comes to male fashion and this is why there have only been minor tweaks over the last century and although often there is a more casual dress sense in the office that this should not be followed for an interview situation. Buy your gentleman's fashion from a respected outfitter such as johnhenric.com and you will do well. 

Get A Haircut 
Although not technically fashion related you should ensure you have a neat and tidy haircut whenever going for an interview. Also, unless you wear a beard make sure you have shaved on the morning of the interview and even if you are sporting a beard, which is quite the fashion these days, then make sure it’s trimmed and tidy. 

Be Aware Of PPE Requirements 
Some workplaces require PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to be worn on site. So it's maybe not essential to arrive ready for this at interview it may help to show how thorough and ready you are for work. Maybe it would show a good attitude to check if you need any at the interview stage as sometimes, especially for contract work, you could be interviewed on-site. 

Remember That It’s What You Offer That’s More Important Than How You Look 
Even though we have spoken, at length, of the do’s and don’t of what to wear for an interview it’s also important not to get too caught up in deciding what to wear. Make these decisions and be prepared and then devote the majority of your time to preparing for what you may be asked when interviewed.

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