Preparing For Your Driving Test: A To-Do List

If you have taken your theory test and passed, then there is only one step that remains between you and your driving licence: the practical driving test itself. Below, we have provided a straightforward to-do list that can help to ensure you are as prepared for your test as you can possibly be… 

Schedule your practical test 
A simple task, but one that should always be your first priority. Unfortunately, you may find that scheduling your test is surprisingly arduous; long delays are common, which can leave people in a kind of limbo - ready to take their test, but not actually able to schedule a full day. If you experience this issue, then it can be helpful to sign up with a company who can help you find driving test cancellations to bring your own date forward. If someone else cancels their test, then you can take their date rather than subjecting yourself to a long wait. 

Have your eyes tested
The first part of your practical test will involve an eyesight check; you will be asked to stand in front of a vehicle and read the number plate. Unfortunately, if you don’t pass this check, then your test will end there and then. It’s therefore well worth scheduling an appointment with an optician to make sure you will definitely be able to pass this part of your practical.

Brush up on the “show me, tell me” questions
After the eyesight check, your practical test will continue with two questions, which are known as the “show me, tell me” questions. These questions predominantly focus on safety and how to operate the vehicle; you can find the full list of questions here, so read through and rehearse them with your instructor to a point where you can answer every question with ease. There’s no predicting which questions you will be asked, so you’ll need to memorize them all. 

Think about anxiety management
Passing a driving test is an important event in a person’s life, so it’s entirely natural to feel a few nerves - both before and during the test itself. To help ensure you are able to manage your nerves and focus on driving, practice relaxation techniques that you can turn to if needed on test day. Also, try to keep in mind the fact that driving test examiners are taught to expect people to be nervous during their test, so being anxious will not go against you. 

Remind yourself to “keep calm and carry on” 
The phrase “keep calm and carry on” has been rather overused in recent years, but when it comes to your driving test, it’s important to keep it in mind. If you make a mistake during your test - even if you think it is a mistake significant enough to lead to a fail - then keep going. It can be useful to rehearse such a scenario in your mind: imagine that you are going through the test, but then you make a mistake. Imagine yourself continuing on regardless, reminding yourself that it’s not unheard of for people to make mistakes that they believe will see them fail, only to then reach the end of the test and find out that they have passed. 

Collect your paperwork together
When you arrive for your practical driving test, you will be asked for your driving licence and the certificate that confirms you have passed your theory test. When your test date has been confirmed, collect these two items in a folder together so that you can just pick up the folder and leave when test day arrives. 

Continue to drive as much as you can 
This isn’t so much a task you can tick off a to-do list, as it requires continual effort, but including it on your to-do list can help to remind you of the importance of continuing to drive as you wait for your test day. It’s fair to assume that if you are at the point of preparing to take your test, you’ve had plenty of hours behind the wheel - but practice makes perfect. It’s important to keep honing your skills, either with driving lessons or by driving your own car (or your partner’s, if you are insured to do so) with a licensed driver present. If you’re presented with an opportunity to drive, then do so - every second you spend behind the wheel will help. 

Having gone through the above, you should be well-prepared for your practical driving test. Best of luck!

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