4 Secrets To Keeping Your Home On-Trend In 2020

New year new you, or new year new home? Nothing motivates us to freshen up our homes, rethink the layout of the living room and consider repainting the kitchen quite like the new year. One of the trickiest things to manage when you are redecorating or changing up your home is futureproofing the new design. Trends go in and out of fashion so quickly, but we all want our home to stay in-fashion and beautiful for as long as possible. Here are a few pointers that are bang on trend for 2020, but also for the years to come, meaning the changes you make to your home will be an investment, as well as a total makeover! 

Artwork Flooring and Permanent Installations 
Pattern and print tiles have steadily been making a comeback on the floors of fashionable homes for the last couple of years. These beautiful and sometimes ornate features can be nostalgic and the perfect way to draw attention to a lovely Victorian hallway or period property kitchen. However, designers, decorators and homeowners are realising that this decadent style doesn’t always suit their décor or the style of their property, so in comes resin flooring UK. This alternative flooring style is popular because it can be bold and colourful, a deep marble effect, bright and glittery or whatever style you want it to be. Resin flooring can be a piece of art – literally – or just the focal pattern of the space. With such hectic lives, resin flooring might be usurping tiling because it is so easy to keep clean, too. 

Mixing Old And New Décor Items 
This is always a timeless trick, but with ultra modern furnishings and minimalism moving over to make way for maximalism, this trend is a great way to freshen up your home, whilst introducing some quirky stories and one of kind pieces into your home. Period pieces, like reupholstered sofas or mid-century sideboards in warm wood colours look great surrounded by your modern comforts and conveniences, but they bring a room to life. The mix-and-match style also means you can update your home regularly, without too much expense! 

Painted Doors
If you like the wood panelling trend, we think you might love to introduce some painted doors into your home. Consider painting interior doors, or just those for the airing cupboard or your built in wardrobe, to add some class and seamless style to your décor. Picking a dark or rich colour is a classic way to update your home whilst also keeping things neat and tidy. For an ultra-chic or ‘pulled together’ design, you could get paint mixed at your local hardware shop using a swatch of the adjacent wallpaper or upholstery. If you really do fancy a makeover, you might also consider painting the trim, skirting and coving around the room. In most houses this will be white, but that boring trend is quickly going out the door as we become less afraid of colour and bored with white! 

Wallpaper In The Bathroom 
Many people believe there are certain practical disadvantages to having paint or wallpaper in the bathroom but are unsure of how to brighten up their white-on-white, fully tiled lavatory. Often, bathrooms are some of the smallest spaces in the house to begin with, so we should open them up by having fun with colours and bright wallpapers. Heavily printed or patterned wallpapers are on trend for 2020; you can work with the tiles you have around the bath or shower and wallpaper the rest. This styling idea is definitely here to stay, as it feeds into the maximalism trend in the most functional room in the house!

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