Pros & Cons Of A Road Trip This Year

Planning a holiday in 2020 is exciting. There is a whole world out there and whether you plan to go internationally or you want to stay in the country, you have a choice in how you get around. Most people turn to flights these days given how accessible they are, but there is one way that people need to start considering once more: road tripping! Holidays that are booked in advance are often filled with hectic airports, tour guides that limit your time and itineraries that remain unchangeable. You have a flight to catch to get home, and you have to go at the pace of everyone else. When you choose to road trip, though, you can take the wheel while taking your time. The big question that you must ask yourself this year is whether you want to go at your own pace, or go at the pace of everyone else. Should you get that new car with Choose My Car and put it to work? Or should you buy the plane ticket? Either way, the choice is going to come down to which type of holiday is going to be best for you and your friends or family. Before we go into the pros and cons of going on a road trip, a few tips you need include:

Make a plan before you go. Know the loose route you want to take and prepare in advance. You want this to be the best trip ever and this means that planning trumps spontaneity. Know your route and where you want to end up, but don’t fix the day you want to get there - you are in control, remember.

Get your car - new or old - checked over before you go. You need to make sure that your car is as ready as you are, with gas, snacks and a fixing set in the trunk. You should also ensure that you have a spare tire! When you get your car checked over you’ll need to get the tire pressure checked, too.

Always pack up the essentials, from clothes and snacks to water and a first aid kit. You’ll need flashlights, batteries and even toilet paper for a road trip! So, with these in mind, let’s go through the pros and cons of going on that trip you’ve been thinking about. 

Going On A Road Trip: Pros

You’re In Charge!
This is the best bit about a road trip. From the departure time, to the arrival time, you’re in charge! This trip is yours to take and you’re the one who has written the route. So, if you’re on your way somewhere and you need to get out of the car to go to the bathroom, or you see something interesting that you didn't account for, you're going to be able to get out. You can’t do that on a plane!

No Airplane Food
Ah, the joint best thing about road trips: no dodgy airplane food. Airlines still do offer real food, but it doesn't beat the food you can buy from the side of the road at street food carts or the a la carte you can get from wonderful restaurants. You can pack a picnic and stop whenever you like for food any time you want - and the food is your choice, too!

You Can Change Your Mind!
If you don’t like what you see, you can drive on. You don't have to wait around for a hotel bill to be produced after you’ve paid for a few nights. 

The World Is In Your Hands
The real world is so much easier to see when you're right there driving through it. You can take your new car on a trip and meander the countryside as much as you like. You can go to the farmers markets of quaint little towns and enjoy the state parks along the way.

No Weight Limit On Your Stuff**
We’ve asterisked this one because while there is no weight limit in the same way that the airlines have, there’s still a caveat here. You need to think about the weight for your stuff as it affects your fuel. The heavier the car, the more fuel is used as you go, and the more the trip costs you.

You Will Save Money
It is so much cheaper to road trip than it is to fly somewhere. You can then holiday frugally and when you travel by road, you will take a group of your friends anywhere for less than the cost of the round trip plane tickets. 

Going On A Road Trip: Cons

It’s Long
Driving is loooooooong. When you want to get somewhere, driving is the slowest way to travel. If you want to go city-hopping, driving is going to take you longer than air or rail.

You’re The One Working
Unless you bring friends who know how to drive, you’re on your own in doing all the work. That takes a lot of endurance, to remain in control and concentrating as much as possible on the trip you’ve mapped out.

This one only needs one word because you're going to have to pay for parking, especially if you are stopping in a lot of places.

It Can Be Expensive
It may not cost as much as air travel to Bali, but a road trip can still be expensive. You have to factor in the cost of the mechanic to ensure that the car is roadworthy, the gas, the insurance, the cost of buying a new car itself - that’s a lot of things to consider!

Weather Can Affect Your Trip
Floods and fires, snow storms and cyclones: the weather is a beast. You need to map a road trip when the weather isn’t going to affect it, and it can make a big difference to whether your trip goes ahead.

A Lot Of Wear & Tear
Depending on the mileage that you cover, the amount of wear and tear can really grind down your car. When this happens, you could find that you spend a lot of cash on fixing your car!

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