Sanity Saving Wedding Planning Tips

So, you have finally been popped this big question by the partner of your dreams. It was so romantic, and you can’t believe your luck. The world is shining new again. Then you have to get real and start planning the big day. This can be a daunting task, so much to organise and prepare. However, if you give yourself enough time and work towards your goal methodically following these tips, you will find the whole process a little less challenging. You may, in fact, find you like it.

Create a strict budget
From the outset, you must be strict about what you can afford. Discuss this with your partner and agree on an ideal figure and possibly a second one that must not be surpassed. If you do not work this out at the beginning, your wedding could spiral out of control, causing you both a lot of stress. If you know what you are prepared to spend it makes the whole experience more manageable as a lot of options will be limited naturally anyway. You do not need a massive budget for a wedding. You can have a perfectly beautiful wedding at half the price. The most important thing is that you still love each other when the big day comes, and getting into debt for it is not the best idea.

Organise everything 
Okay, so creating an excel spreadsheet may not seem like the most romantic idea, but it will certainly help put your minds at ease. Get with your partner and work out everything that you must-have for your wedding. Work out the guest list, and who is going to be in the bridal party. Do a little research and work out some prices for items and the amounts of things you will need. Create parameters and at this stage, decide what your limits are. Create lists of things that you can tick off as you sort them out and buy them. If you can be strict at this stage, and keep to the figures you impose here, you will find the process easier.

The venue
The first thing you need to sort out is the venue and the date. This will help you determine a lot of the other items on your list, such as the decorations. Once you have sorted the wedding venue hire, you will feel as if you are already halfway there. 

Go forward one step at a time
Relax and focus on one thing at a time. You have your organisational sheet and have listed everything, so stick to your schedule. It is if you try and do ten things at once that things get complicated. When you want to get anything, shop about. Look online and visit as many stores as you can to get an idea of what you can get for the price. The more you hunt, the more likely you are to find that excellent bargain you are after. Remember your questions, and learn to negotiate. Do need be a deer in the headlights, be armed with the knowledge of what you want when it comes to sales folk.

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