5 Bad Household Habits That Are Hard to Break

When you have a beautiful home, it’s hard not to get too comfortable. Sometimes, you just want to slouch around your soft, memory foam sofa. Other times, you just scrounge through your kitchen, looking for something to snack on at midnight. Either way, getting too cozy at home is likely to result in a lot of mistakes—spills, injuries or even slight property damage. If you're guilty of these bad household habits, it's time to break them:  

Leaving Things Anywhere 
Put your phone here. Place your take-outs there. Maybe move your laundry over the next room. Just throw your keys wherever. Now, where did you put your phone again? Haphazardly putting your things wherever whenever just clutters up your home. Regardless of whether they’re useful things or not, you need to put your things where they belong. Cleanliness reflects the state of your mind; as such, declutter and organize your home to keep it comfortable, calming and relaxing. Or else, be in a constant state of panic and confusion.  

Not Replacing Your Kitchen Sponge 
As much as your kitchen sponge can still clean your dishes, the more you use it, the more bacteria and germs it retains. Imagine using old sponges to clean your glasses, plates or even your countertops. How many microorganisms did you manage to grow or spread? If a sponge looks like it has run its course, it’s time to toss and replace it with a new one. Regularly replacing your sponge lets you thoroughly clean your stuff and limit the growth of bacteria. 

Taking Your Carpet for Granted 
Sometimes, you just feel like you’re stepping on cloud nine instead of the cold, hard tiled flooring of your home. It’s warm, soft and comfy. It gives off a feeling like you just want to lie down on it, only to realize your carpet smells like either dirt, soy sauce, spilled beer or all of the above. Always try to avoid carpet spills or stepping your shoes onto the carpets. These fabrics aren’t exactly easy to clean; there are some tough stains that you can only get rid of with a thorough, deep clean or a carpet-cleaning team, like Citrus Solutions. The best practice is to regularly vacuum your carpet and don’t let anything spill. 

Using the Doorknob as a Hanger 
Almost everyone is an offender when it comes to this. After all, who can resist putting anything on a very convenient “hanger”? But you must remember that your doorknob isn’t a hanger, vice versa. The more clothing you hang onto your doorknob, the more likely it will strain due to the weight of the fabrics. Even its hinges might be affected if you’re not careful. If it goes on, it could pull the door out of alignment, eventually requiring replacement or repairs. 

Ignoring the Leaks 
Maybe the rain will let up. Or maybe that bucket’s enough to remedy the situation. Leaks are symptomatic of something that ails your home. Ignoring it may cause problems to snowball into bigger ones. Those simple droplets during rainy seasons may not just be a roof problem. Over time, the damage they can wreak increases. First, they’ll damage your paint, and then introduce molds and mildew into your home. It can degrade wood to the point that the flooring might just give out. 

It’s easy to feel relaxed when there seems to be nothing wrong. Don’t get cocky, though, you have a lot to clean up the moment you make a mistake by being too lax. Relax but be vigilant when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness and structural integrity of your home.

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