3 Ways to Respecting Who We Are

Are you someone who finds it difficult to calm your stress or feel that you have any time for yourself? It may be a case that you need to respect yourself. They say you can't like another person until you like yourself. But when you struggle in life and have what seems to be problem after problem, you can end up being frustrated, angry, and even depressed. But self-respect is something that can evade us. After all, we have control over ourselves, so if we want to badmouth ourselves, we feel we are perfectly entitled. But doing this only communicates a message to others that you don't think you're important so you are not. How can we respect ourselves?

Take Care of Yourself
Responsibility begins with us. There are practical ways that we can show self-respect by taking care of ourselves. We should dress like the person that we want to be and do the things that we know are good for ourselves. We can spend a lot of time looking in the mirror and thinking that we need to change. But having a facelift is not an option for most of us. So we can do the things that we have control over. And it boils down to those simple things. If we look in the mirror and have a little respect for how we look, this will go a long way to set up a good foundation throughout our lives.

Don’t Let Other People’s Opinions Shape Who You Are
If we hear what someone thinks about us, we may feel the temptation to become that person to fit in. This means that, after a while, we crave approval and never really understand what we need. People that require reassurance are saying that they need people to like them so they can like themselves. But this is a person who has no self-respect. Learning to be who you are is about forming opinions of yourself. This is the only opinion that matters.

Develop Your Knowledge
When you start to develop interests and passions in life you will learn about what you can ask from the world. Some people feel that they live in such a small world that they have nothing to offer. And those people have no respect for themselves. They think they are clever enough. The way you see yourself is the way you will promote yourself to the world. So by developing an interest in something you have a passion for, you will become an authority on this. When you are around people who don't value your opinion, why should you be with them in the first place? And this is something that we have to remember. If we are surrounded by people who think of us in a certain way and they don't respect us, this is only reinforcing the idea that we shouldn't like or respect ourselves. It's a long road but it is one that will fulfil every single area of your life.

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