Five Essential Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car puts many people off, for the simple reason that they might worry they will be sold a car that’ll break down in a few months’ time. When we buy an expensive item like a car, we want to know that we can rely on it to be a solid vehicle that will keep us safe and not break down every five minutes! Although all cars break down, need repairs and get old, in general your car should not be wreaking havoc on your life and should be reliable when you need it. For that reason, it is essential to ask the right questions if you are looking to buy a used car. Many used cars are awesome purchases which provide you with the right support and usage abilities for what you need. Here are five questions to ask before you go ahead with buying your new used car!

Has the vehicle ever been involved in a crash or written off?
Of course, the driving capabilities of the previous owner are of no importance to you, but whether the car has ever been involved in a crash and/or written off is essential knowledge to have. This is because a car that has been repaired from a bad crash will still have a shorter estimated lifespan than a car which has never been written off. Make sure you take this into consideration - a car which has been previously written off should cost far less than a used car which doesn’t have this history. 

What is the mileage?
The mileage of used cars is important not only for pricing but for longevity. The more miles the car has driven, the shorter its lifespan will be - this makes total sense. Asking about the mileage means you can calculate if the car is priced correctly compared to other second hand cars in the area.

Did it pass its last MOT?
If your new second hand car has recently failed an MOT and required some repairs, it is important to find this out. Of course, if it is newly repaired then there shouldn’t be a problem, but it is still essential that you know the problems the car has had in the past before you make a decision. 

Does the car come with all its legal documents?
If your new car does not have all its paperwork in order, do not go ahead with the purchase. Any reputable car dealership will have all the paperwork to come with it, as well as complete transparency about the car’s history and current state. Be wary of any car sales representative who cannot provide all the necessary paperwork. 

Can I test drive the car?
Test driving is essential before any purchase. If your sales representative does not allow you to test drive the car, this is a huge red flag. Make sure you fully test drive before you sign any paperwork. 

In conclusion, buying a second hand car is not always a no-no. In fact, it is often the best decision for you. Follow these guidelines to make sure you are asking the right questions before you buy!