Natural Supplements To Help You Beat Insomnia

Having trouble getting to sleep? There are many ways to combat insomnia. One option could be to try out a few natural supplements. Such supplements can help to reduce stress and increase production of sleep hormones. Below are just a few different supplements to try.

Melatonin is the hormone created by the pineal gland at night that helps us to sleep. If your body is having difficulty producing this hormone, taking supplements could be a way of helping you to get to sleep. Melatonin is most commonly ingested in the form of tablets, although there are also gummy sweets available (a good option for kids struggling to sleep). Some foods are also known to contain melatonin including eggs, fish and most nuts, which could be worth incorporating into an evening meal. 

CBD is an extract from the cannabis plant. There are many reasons as to why CBD is good for you - not only can it relieve anxiety and help promote sleep, but it’s also been found to relieve pain, reduce acne and even treat epilepsy in some patients. CBD does not contain THC - the ingredient in regular cannabis that makes you high. It simply provides the medical benefits, which can make it appropriate for people of all ages. CBD is often consumed as an oil, although can also be consumed in the form of gummy sweets or tablets.

Lavender is a plant that is known for its soothing scents. Studies show that its aroma alone can be effective at relieving stress and improving sleep quality. You can produce lavender scents by burning essential oils, burning scented candles, using lavender bath products or by using a lavender spray on bedding. You can also consume lavender in the form of a tea. 

Valerian root
The root of the valerian plant is known to have potent sedative qualities. In fact, it is sometimes prescribed to patients instead of using drugs like benzodiazepines. Valerian root can be consumed in the form of a tablet, a liquid extract or a tea. 

Passionflower (also known as maypop) is a plant that is known to have relaxing qualities. It is commonly used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Most people consume passionflower in the form of a tea. 

Magnesium is an element found in many foods including fish, beans, tofu, almonds, cashews and bananas. High levels of magnesium have been found to have relaxing qualities when consumed. You can take magnesium in the form of pills. Alternatively, you could try snacking on foods that are high in magnesium before bed. 

Tryptophan is a chemical found in various foods such as milk, cheese, turkey, oats, tuna and nuts. Many studies have found this chemical to have natural hypnotic powers much like magnesium. Eating foods that are high in tryptophan in the evening may help to promote sleep. Alternatively, you can take tryptophan in the form of tablets.

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