Take The Sting Out Of A Country Move By Factoring For These Surprises

Whether you’ve always lived in the city or moved there for work when you were fresh from uni, you wouldn’t be alone in harbouring dreams of a generally more rural lifestyle. In fact, while the convenience of city life can’t be sniffed at, as many as 700,000 people have left London alone in recent years. And, the speed of this shift means that many of us haven’t quite had time to prepare for the reality of these rural living situations. After all, properties in these areas can be the opposite of the city dwellings that we’re used to. That’s not to say they don’t still hold plenty of charm, but it does mean that you might want to consider the best ways to overcome the following surprises during those important first days.

A lack of mod-cons
City apartments complete with smart thermostats, always-on connections, and just about every type of socket that we could hope for are a far cry from the reality of most rural properties. To ensure that this doesn’t scupper the remote work that made this move possible for you in the first place, it’s almost always worth investing in rewiring before you move, during which you’ll be able to ask for the plugs you need wherever you need them. It’s also worth paying a visit to your location of choice, or simply checking phone signal, internet connection, etc. during a viewing so that, if a connection is patchy, you’re able to buy boosters, etc. to keep yourself up and running.

Colder temperatures
The sheer amount of cars, buildings, and people in the city mean that temperatures here can be a few degrees higher than elsewhere. What’s more, often built-up attached houses and apartments absorb a great deal of heat from the houses around them. By comparison, a rural property can seem cold, especially if it’s detached. To make sure that you don’t feel that chill, it’s therefore essential to not only get heating systems, radiators, etc. serviced before your move but to also contact All Seasons Energy or other companies like them who can help to install everything from insulation through to solar panels that make sure you don’t have to worry about increased heating costs. That way, you’ll be able to keep even this colder home feeling as toasty and cosy as you imagined your country dwelling to be. 

A lack of light
Countryside living also tends to be a little darker, even if you’re located in a town. Factor for this by making sure to invest in plenty of lamps beforehand that you might not have needed before. Make sure, too, to install motion sensor lights outside as soon as possible after your move so that you always feel welcomed home, rather than fumbling in a dark that’s entirely new to you before you can find your keys.

Rural living really can feel like the good life. Just make sure you reap those benefits by preparing for a culture shock that could ruin this experience for you otherwise.