6 Tips For Encouraging Conscientious People To Your Firm

Ultimately, the business you build is only as good as the people you have working for it. It’s why at a certain level, businesses will do everything they can to limit turnover except for that which they can control. It’s also why at a certain level of technical speciality, recruitment headhunters become experts in finding that one specific person that could help transform the direction of a company. While your business might not be at the top level yet, that doesn’t mean curating the best people for your brand is any less important. But it’s not just about training the right people and helping them thrive within your firm, it’s also about attracting conscientious, diligent, hardworking people to your company. These people are the best professional blank slates you can then train and invest in over the years. In this post, we’ll discuss how to make your staff more desirable to those individuals:

Solidify Great HR
A strong HR infrastructure, perhaps curated by Waddington Brown, is essential for creating a positive work environment. Solid HR practices ensure fair treatment, address issues with sensitivity, and support employee well-being. They are also a repeated factor in the “best employer” category awards which attracts the best talent should you win those accolades. Reliable HR services can also streamline onboarding processes, and that in itself is a plus.

Expand Recruitment Channels
Use it all. Job boards, social media, and networking events are great places to start. Collaborating with universities and attending job fairs can also bring in fresh talent keen to prove themselves. If you look further, you’ll find better people. It’s as simple as that.

Lead With Principles First
Salary, job prospects, working style, all of this matters to a potential hire. But principles tend to attract people who care about the business and its goals on top of that. Some may genuinely wish to make a difference, and positioning yourself as a company able to do that, however modest, is exciting for many.

Implement Flexible Work Options
In 2024 and beyond, flexible work options will simply attract people looking for a good quality balance of life. Remember, being conscientious doesn’t mean wanting to work 24/7, it means having a healthy outlook and wanting to get the details right. If an individual wants to apply that attitude to their own life with healthy balance, odds are they’ll be a good fit for your firm too.

Make Your Workplace & Work Culture Transparent
Can potential new hires see what you have to offer? If so, what might they think about it? A conscientious person cares about the type of experience they’ll have and will do the work to see if you’re a good fit. So, let them see! Have images of your office space, your working process, and even give a tour to new candidates. It might help you curate the kind of person who really does want to be there. Universities do it, and maybe your firm can as well.

Give Graduates A Chance
Speaking of colleges and universities, giving graduates a chance can’t hurt. These individuals often look to prove themselves, to come into an industry with fresh ideas, and can be molded quite easily without bad habits or prior experience tainting their outlook. Who knows? Maybe they’ll stay with you for years.