The Five Worst Fashion Trends Ever!

by - Friday, November 02, 2012

Sometimes I see an item of clothing and think: "I just don't get it." 

I don't understand the type of person the designer had in mind when they created it, why the shops would stock it or why people would go out of their way to buy it. I think its fair to say that by the time a trend or item of clothing is available to buy in the big high street shops, there's been a certain amount of research, designing and manufacturing gone into it; so I don't get how some of these things even make it to the shop floors let alone to peoples wardrobes. I'm not criticising anyone's taste in clothing or fashion sense at all and to be honest I think people should be able to walk around in a banana suit if that's what they want. I don't claim to be any kind of fashionista, and actually dress quite plainly (mainly dresses and long tops over leggings) and spend more time on my hair and makeup, accessorising and shoes. I love clothes as much as the next person, but fashion isn't something I'm especially passionate about. However even I can spot a dodgy looking trend when it walks past me in the street, here are five of what I think are the worst offenders.

"Genie Trousers" aka Harem Pants
Aside from Aladdin, I honestly can't imagine who would look good in these. I bought a pair of pyjama bottoms from Primark at the beginning of the year without realising they were in this style, as soon as I got home and put them on I couldn't help but laugh. They looked truly terrible, luckily they were just for bed. 

Short shorts

A few weeks back I saw a girl walking around my local city centre wearing shorts cut even higher than this, I'm surprised she didn't get done for indecent exposure. I'm no prude but surely this is a bit too far? Especially in rainy old England in mid September!


I believe these are supposed to be shoes. Whatever possessed the designer to come up with these monstrosities I'll never know. Nothing about them makes sense, are those holes supposed to cool your feet down? That might make sense for activities like running, but you're not going to be able to run very far or fast in a pair of sling backs are you. Apologies if anyone reading has ever owned a pair of these but I think they're terrible- the obnoxious colours are just the icing on the cake.


Not just for netball in 1998, skorts are a legitimate 'trend' and are even being sold in shops like Asos. I just don't understand it, if you want to wear shorts why not just wear shorts? If you want to wear a skirt the shops are full of them. Combining them to make some sick, skirt-shorts love child doesn't make sense to me. 

Velour Tracksuits

These genuinely look like pyjamas especially in the brighter colours, and the clingy material is going to be flattering on precisely no one. The sad thing is I really wanted one of these when I was about thirteen (a black one with a pink 'Playboy' logo on it..oh dear) but luckily my mum thought they were hideous and so I was spared. 

What do you think are the worst fashion trends?

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  1. hahaha good post!I totally agree!


  2. I agree with most of these but.....Harem pants are SO comfy. I wouldn't dare wear them outside but for knocking around the house in, they're amazing!

  3. HAHAHA! Loved this post! Who's idea was the saggy butt pants!?! Just wrong!


  4. I am with you on the crocs, but I will staunchly defend the skort (at least for the under 12 set) because it let's you dress them in pretty skirts, and they can still run at recess :) Also I have only rocked a velour tracksuit once. And that was leaving the hospital with a new baby on December 15th, so I gave myself a free pass :)

    Following/commenting from the blog hop! I hope you'll come and do the same :)

  5. HAHA this is great!!! i am not sure which of these 5 are the worst!!!

  6. My daughter wears skorts . . .but of course she is four and also frequently wears tutus out shopping. I remember having one when I was 8 or so that I loved because my mom would let me wear it to events that normally she'd want me to put a dress on for and I wouldn't have to worry about how I was sitting. When I was in middle school my grandma actually bought me a set of velour lounge wear that looked a lot like those track suits (no hood) and I never was comfortable wearing it because it seemed too much like clothes to wear to bed and too much like pajamas to wear out of the house.

  7. I totally agree with you on all 5 of these. I look at some trends and genuinely thing OMG. I love fashion like most girls, but buy what i want and what i feel comfortable in. I think the way you dress expresses yourself but following trends is something i really don't do. Why would i? I don't want to be like everyone else, i want to be my own individual person.

    kate xx

  8. I agree with all 5. Ew, awful.

  9. I must admit I am a croc lover. They are quite comfy...but all the others yes I hate them.

  10. Stoppin' by from the hop!

    Crocs are awful.. I dont own any but I like to borrow my mother in laws...
    Velour tracksuits.. awful in public but I secretly want one for around the house.

  11. lol this post is so fun. I came across you from the Brightside Beauty Blog hop and liked it so much I had to follow. I look forward to more posts :)

  12. Hahaha!! I agree with this entire post--especially the dreaded skort! Thanks so much for linking up to the Aloha Friday Blog Hop and for the follow. I'm happily following you back. Have a wonderful weekend :D.

  13. Hahah, I love this post! Totally agree with this...all of it!!
    Great blog!

    Hope we can give one another a follow. :)


  14. This post made me laugh! I agree with you on all of these, especially those weird droopy pants lol. I don't get that AT ALL!

    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :))


  15. Oh god... agreed...
    I did like skorts when I was little, though. Now, I'd never wear them.

  16. Totally agree with all of these! Especially the Genie Trousers, they're disgusting lol, yet everyone went crazy for them :/

    Laura x

  17. So funny and so true. Especially the crocs, horrible.

  18. I totally agree!! Who comes up with these trends?

    Toni xx

  19. Thanks for linking up with Friendly Friday, I'm following you now.

  20. Great post Stacey! I never got the whole croc thing and have never / will ever own a pair even if it was proved that they were the comfiest footwear on earth!

    I have to admit I did have a velour tracksuit when they first came out, in bright pink I might add! It was very comfy, but looking back it should have been something I just wore indoors. I must have looked like a giant marshmallow :0)

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  22. I am totally agreed amazing post

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  24. OMG this post is SO funny!! And SO true :)

  25. Haha I've just laughed my way through this, I went to Cmp America about 6 years ago and Crocs were the huge in thing, I'd never seen them before and thought they were hilarious!x

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