High End Makeup Wishlist

It's really quite shocking to think that going out and buying the makeup on this wishlist would set you back almost £250. For eight items that would probably just about fill a small makeup bag seems pricey to say the least, although I can't help but to still want it all! I'll probably get around to buying some of these things eventually but it will definitely be a gradual process, splashing out a few hundred pounds on makeup every week isn't exactly the kind of lifestyle I lead (I wish). Even so I thought I'd compile a wishlist of the top high end makeup products I'd love to own, and would happily throw into my basket if I had a money tree or if paying bills suddenly became illegal.

1. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks
How beautiful is this packaging? I have to say I really do think YSL go above and beyond most other companies with their presentation, the Shocking mascara and Touche Eclat are packaged in the same gold which does make them look the part. I do actually plan on going and buying a couple of these in the new year, and out of everything on this wishlist these are what I'd buy first. 

2. Chanel Tan De Soleil
I love cream cosmetics, I'm a convert to cream blush and would love a good cream bronzer too. I hear lots of rave reviews saying that this is good for pale skin which is perfect for me as I find a lot of bronzers to be too dark. I don't think £30 seems too outrageous for this, and would happily purchase it at that price.

3. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
I've wanted this since the first time I saw it, I've tried lots of cheaper high street dupes and think it's about time I went out and got the real thing. 

4. YSL Shocking Mascara
I don't think I'd ever switch to only high end mascara because it needs replacing every three months and there are lots of highstreet mascaras that do such a great job. But I'd love to at least try one designer mascara, and what could be better than this beauty by YSL.

5. YSL Touche Eclat
There have been a few times where I've nearly bought this, especially when it was massively hyped when it first came out. I've seen quite a few mixed reviews for the Touche Eclat, with some loving it and others saying it's nothing special. I love the idea that it brightens under the eye area but I don't suffer with dark circles so wonder if it would be worth it for me. I'd love to try it, but at £32 it's quite a pricey mistake to make if you get it home and it does the same job as your £5 Maybelline eye brightening concealer. 

6. Makeup Forever HD foundation
I've never tried anything by Makeup Forever, this foundation seems to be one of their more popular products. I have a feeling this brand will be quite hard to get hold of in the UK but would love to give the HD foundation a whirl at some point. 

7. Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter
I think this looks like such a gorgeous product, the shimmer is fine and the finish on the skin is subtle and looks expensive as opposed to big chunky glitter particles that can leave you looking like a disco ball. Don't get me wrong I love glittery products too, but think this would be nice for occasions when you're going for something more elegant and low key.

What high end makeup do you have on your wishlist? If you've tried any of these products, are there any you would recommend?


  1. Is it bad i have all of this except the Make Up forever foundation?!
    I might be slighty addicted to Make Up.....


  2. I have the Ysl lipstick and dior amber diamond. The lipstick color sensual silk is a perfect nude pink for my lips but it is not long lasting at all! I'm ok with reapplying so it's not an issue. The highlighter is gorgeous and is subtle but catches really nicely in the light! Perfect for everyday. I tried the mufe foundation a few times and wasn't impressed! Try LM silk creme...my fav!! Let me know if you get the cream bronzer I'd love to know how it is!! xo

  3. The Chanel cream bronzer sounds awesome!

  4. I'm sure you can find a lot cheaper dupes for all of these, I love finding dupes for high end products! Especially the MUA undressed pallete, its exactly the same as the naked pallete!


  5. I really want to try Make Up For Ever products but I struggle with finding the right shade for my skin so I'm a bit hesitant of buying higher-end ranges.
    Great post!


  6. i have 1, 5 and 6 on my wishlist! love this post :)


  7. The only one that I have is the MUFE HD foundation and I love it! I do like my UD Naked Skin foundation a little better, though...

  8. Thanks for hopping by and linking up at Thumping Thursdays. We hope to see you again tomorrow. :)


  9. Following via The May Issue Blog Hop! That Makeup Forever is the only foundation I need.


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  10. I want everything on your list!(:

    P.S My give away closes on the 22nd be sure to enter!

  11. I love the Shimmer Brick and of course Touche Eclat!!!


  12. Awesome wishlist! I actually want the YSL lipstick, I love it!


  13. I've only tried no 1 out of these, I think, but can really highly recommend it, very much worth getting! Will check out some of the other products listed too, great list! :)

  14. I've been dying for that Chanel bronzer, and make up forever hd is definitely worth it if you can get your hands on it! x