Paul Penders Aloe and Lavender Day Cream Review

Paul Penders Aloe and Lavender Day Cream £8.99* (RRP £19.98) from Baobella Boutique

When it comes to beauty products and brands, I like to think I'm quite clued up. I read enough beauty blogs and magazines, watch enough Youtube videos and visit enough beauty websites to have a fairly good idea about what's out there. However you know there are always going to be those hidden gems out there, and my new way of discovering them is through Baobella Boutique! Not only can you find hugely discounted products (and grab amazing special offer bundles from your favourite brands) but it's a great way to discover brands you might not have otherwise heard of too. One of their current offers is this Aloe and Lavender day cream by Paul Penders- not a company I'd heard of before but a bit of a Googling session had me wanting to find out more. Their products are natural, organic and 100% vegan (made from a recipe passed down from the creators grandmother). They don't test on animals, and their products are processed in small batches to preserve the active properties of the ingredients. Sounds promising right?

I'm in the process of changing up my rich and heavy winter skincare at the moment in favour of lighter products ready for spring, and this day cream is just the thing for the job. Like any good day cream it feels light on the skin, it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any greasy or sticky residue behind. The main thing I look for in a day cream is that it sits well under makeup, lets face it- who has the time or patience to wait for a heavy moisturiser to sink in every morning? This is a really effective little day cream, it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated and doesn't have my foundation sliding all over my face. The organic ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula and flaxseed oils are highly beneficial to the skin and it smells great too. I'd usually associate lavender as a relaxing bedtime scent, but because of the aloe it's actually really fresh and uplifting. While I prefer the more luxe feel of a glass pot rather than the squeezy tube this comes in, it's definitely no bad thing; the tube format means the product inside stays hygenic as there's no digging it out with your hands.

Have you tried anything from Paul Penders?

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