Six New Festive Fragrances From Yankee Candle

The six new scents* are priced at: £1.20 (wax tart) £1.75 (sampler votive) £7.49 (small jar candle) £16.49 (medium jar candle) £19.49 (large jar candle) from Yankee Direct

 Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are officially over, we're allowed to start thinking about Christmas yeah? I'm not one of these crazy people who puts their Christmas tree up in early November, but I think now's as good a time as any to start preparing for the big event, especially as there's really not that many paydays to go! Every Christmas for the last few years I've done a festive Yankee shop and placed an order for some Christmassy smelling wax tarts, they're such a great way to try out different scents (either instead of buying a full candle or to decide which one you want) they're only small but last for ages. This year I've been lucky enough to test out six of Yankee's new festive fragrances, while they're all very different I feel as though they all have a 'fresh/clean' kind of theme to them which I really love. Here's what I thought!

 "Spirits rise on this beautiful airy aroma of joyfully sweet spun sugar, heavenly sheer flower petals and divinely smooth vanilla."
This is a really light and pretty scent, quite a bit different to the likes of 'Vanilla Cupcake/ Vanilla Frosting' type candles from Yankee which are quite heavy and extremely sweet (not that I'm complaining- Vanilla Cupcake is one of my all time favourite candles!) As with all Yankee fragrances you get great scent throwoff, but there's something that's more delicate about this one. The main note in the vanilla but it's balanced with a slight floral undertone, meaning while it's still sweet it smells a bit less like something you'd ice a cupcake with.

 "The season comes to life in this lush aroma of fresh-cut pine boughs and zesty cranberries."
This one really does smell like Christmas! It smells just like a real Christmas tree or wreath, with the sharp fruity cranberries coming through too. If you love the smell of real Christmas trees but can't have one for whatever reason then you'll definitely want to get your hands on this- all the gorgeous Christmas tree pine needle kinda scent, with none of the hassle of actual pine needles.

 "Such a refreshing way to welcome the season … an aromatic blend of bay leves, orange and cedar wood."
This is a fresh and woody scent, it kind of reminds me of a really nice smelling men's aftershave. I'm usually a fan of sweetier and girlier scents, and while I do like it I probably wouldn't go out of my way to get the full sized candle. My boyfriend loved this one which doesn't surprise me as it seems like a 'manlier' scent, I'd definitely buy this as a gift for him (he's now addicted to candles thanks to me- ha) but there are others which I'd prefer for myself.

 "The slight crispness of an early morning breeze mingled with the spicy dryness of the Silver Birch."
As with Bay Leaf Wreath I feel as though this one has a 'men's aftershave' kind of vibe to it. It's not too different to Bay Leaf Wreath in the fact that they're both clean smelling and woody but I don't think this one's as nice. This is probably my least favourite of the six, while it's a nice scent it's just not my preference. If you find a lot of candles to be too sickly or sweet then you'd probably like something like this instead.

"The crisp, winter forest scent of ice covered pine branches with tingly notes of spicy cinnamon."
 Icicles is one of those Yankee scents that you'd just have no idea what it smelled like from the name alone, but after giving it a sniff the name does seem very fitting. It's fresh and crisp, and while you can detect the cinnamon there's a bit more to it than than. Cinnamon is my favourite scent ever and so this one was always going to be a winner for me, this is definitely a contender for one of the jar candles I'm going to pick up this year.

"A favourite Christmas place where delicious dream are made with tingly peppermint, sweet cookies and creamy vanilla icing." 
This one is absolutely amazing, it was the one that immediately stood out to me because of the colour and name but it didn't disappoint on fragrance. It's a mish mash of sweetness, creaminess and mint- but somehow it just works. It's the kind of scent that just makes you feel happy, I'd definitely buy this as a full sized candle.

Which one of these do you like the sound of best? Will you be picking up any Yankee candles this Christmas?


  1. I love the sound of Angel's Wings and Candy Cane Lane! x

    1. These two were my favourites :) Although I do really like Icicles too x

  2. I think Ange's Wings is so me. I tend to get allergies when the scents are too strong, or very overpowering, but this sounds like my type of scent. I prefer to use wax tarts as I feel they last longer, and are more potent, and this is definitely one I think I'm gonna order. Icicles sounded good too, but I don't really like cinnamon. xx

  3. I've only seen Angels Wings and Candy Cane Lane, will have to hunt the others down to smell!! xx

  4. Christmas Garland is beautiful, so strong and really makes your home smell lovely. I love Yankee Candles and have loads and loads in my collection. There are plenty here though that I have not tried before so I will be on the hunt for them now.