My 'Almost Finished Bedroom' Wishlist

I've been in my current house for almost two years now (which is actually crazy when I think about it, time really does fly!) and I've pretty much got it looking the way I want it at this stage. All of the main pieces are in place, and I've enjoyed decorating and choosing bits and bobs to fill the rooms. But you know how it is, it always feels as though there's a couple of extra things that you want to buy or switch out to get it looking just right- in reality I think I'll always see it as a work in progress because I'm a bit fickle and easily tempted by lovely new things! Here are a few of the pieces I currently have my eye on for my bedroom.

I tend to go for quite plain bedding as I prefer to spruce up the bed with a bedspread/ throw and cushions instead. I like the look of lots of scatter cushions and decorative type pillows, while it does take longer to make the bed in the morning I think it's so worth it for how it looks. This one is from Yorkshire Linen, as a huge fan of anything shabby chic style (and bird related!) it immediately caught my eye; although it has pastel coloured lettering it's still quite neutral so would work well with the rest of my room. I have to admit I'm quite picky when it comes to cushions but this site has loads that I absolutely love. The cushions I have on the bed at the moment are all quite plain, and so one or two more decorative ones like this is exactly what I need.

In my previous homes I never looked into 'nice' art, I always just bought inexpensive canvas type prints from the highstreet in a design that matched my decor. And while they can be ok, in recent times I've come to appreciate more unique pieces; I think they're such a fun thing to buy because art preferences are so completely personal it's a good way to showcase your personality in your home. Minted is by far the best place I've come across to find art, they're essentially a marketplace of independent artists. Other artists and members can rate pieces that are submitted, and the ones that are most liked get displayed on the site for people to buy. There's a huge range and mixture of styles, if you're into art you'll be able to sit and scroll through for hours (which is exactly what I did!) I especially like the foil art pieces, but there are so many others from here that I'd love to own.

I'm always on the lookout for new candles because I burn through them so quickly. I know summer isn't the most popular time for them, but I still light them as I like making my room smell nice once I've come up to bed. Yankee are an old favourite but Flamingo Candles are my newest obsession, the scents are slightly more unusual and different to what you tend to see elsewhere. Plus the little jars look cute too and look nice on display. They have a subscription service for their wax melts too which I think is such a good idea, and a great way to try out the scents before deciding on a candle.

One of the biggest issues I have with my room is storage. Even though it's a pretty big room, storage is an issue because I'm picky with what I'll have out on display (I haaaatte clutter!) However I think when you use things like trays you can group smaller things together on it without it looking messy; I plan on using a tray to display perfumes, and one on my bedside table to keep together some of the smaller things to help keep it looking nice and neat. I've already used this trick in other rooms and like how they turned out.

I love faux flowers, I think if you choose the right ones they look really pretty and are a good way of brightening up a dull looking area in a room. Last week I moved this jug from my living room to my bedroom and so need to buy some faux flowers to fill it with. I find Wilko is amazing for these, they have individual stems for about £1 each so you can easily mix and match or put together the perfect sized bouquet for your vase. I'm pretty sure Wilko is one of my favourite homeware shops on the highstreet, they always have such cute stuff!

Where's your favourite place to shop for homeware?


  1. I love those displace trays, such a cute idea! I also love cushions and have seen loads I love but I've banned myself from buying anymore as it's such a chore taking them off the bed each night so I am able to get in it!

    Rebecca - RebeccaClaire'sBlog

  2. What great suggestions you have there! I really like to read these types of posts because they give inspiration and also they remind me what I want to buy to spice up my home like the trays and faux flowers ^^

    Z ♥

  3. I love Minted! I ordered some art and stationary recently! X
    Glossy Boutique

  4. Love the display trays, I only wish I had more space for them.

  5. Lovely picks. I am really keen to try a Flamingo candle - they look gorgeous. :)

  6. Cute accents and color scheme, very elegant and girly.

  7. I love those trays! They'd be good for taking blog pictures on too ;-) xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  8. Ooh thanks for the tip with Minted - I'm always looking for unique pieces so will have to check it out :)

    Claire | | xx