What to Wear to The Casino

Do you consider yourself a lucky person? I never used to, however looking back over the last couple of years I've had some real strokes of luck that have left me with a huge smile on my face. One of these was definitely winning $1000 dollars in Las Vegas a couple of years ago, and despite the fact I'd never gambled or played anything like that in my life I thought that was pretty good going. I've been to the casino back in the UK a couple of times for people's birthday's and things, and while it's not my usual kind of night out we always have fun and it's nice doing something a bit different. Here are a few of my ideas for what to wear to the casino if you're considering trying your luck!

Going to the casino is the perfect opportunity to get glammed up, especially if it's for special event like a birthday and you want to look your best. If you have a cocktail dress sitting in your wardrobe that's only been worn once or twice now's the time to show it some love, otherwise you'll find them in loads of places on the highstreet. I'm obsessed with the rose gold bodice on the one above, along with the rose gold shoes, bag and bracelet. If you're going to a more upscale casino you won't feel out of place wearing something like this.
The little black dress to the rescue- again. It's no wonder LBD's are such a staple piece in every woman's wardrobe, these beauties will get you through just about any occasion. Simply dress it up with some accessories and you're good to go! This is always a good look to go for on a night out when you're not sure what other people are going to be wearing too because you just can't go wrong, if my boyfriend is driving us (he's always the willing designated driver which is handy for me!) I'll sometime's bring an alternative pair of shoes in the car. Just from changing shoes the dress can look completely different, and be either glammed up  or dressed down depending on the situation.

For more laid back casinos, or if you just don't feel like getting too dressed up then go for something casual. A skater dress, some tights and flats is always a really comfortable outfit, but you'll still look put together and won't feel like you stick out like a sore thumb. These days you can even try your luck with online casino and bingo gaming and play from the comfort of your own home. Sites like Costa bingo and Robin Hood bingo give you the opportunity to play (and give you a nice amount of money to play with when you put down your initial deposit) all while wearing your pjs- can't complain at that!

What do you wear to the casino?


  1. Love the sophisticated look, especially with that dress!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Ive never been to a casino but love outfit one, love an excuse to get glammed up www.shellyswonderfulworld.blogspot.co.uk