Autumn Polaroid Picture Project

Every year the blogging world goes crazy when autumn arrives, I always used to hate this time of year and thought of it as the cold and dull season between summer and Christmas. But I have to admit everyone's enthusiasm has rubbed off on me over the years and I do now find myself appreciating the autumn, especially when it comes to layering up and all of the pretty colours. Ocean Loans sent me this gorgeous white Instax camera and asked me to take part in their autumn themed polaroid picture project, to celebrate the season by snapping some pictures around my home. As someone who loves taking photos I've had loads of fun playing with this, here are a few of the snaps that I took.

Reading in Bed
Is there anywhere nicer to be than in your bed on a chilly autumn night with a good book? After being so busy over the summer and reading hardly anything, I'm now powering through my 'to read' list. It must be something about the evenings drawing in quicker and more time being spent inside as I always find I read more at this time of year. In the photo I'm sat with my stripy dressing gown and a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows to crank up the cosy factor, this is one part about cold weather than I can actually get on board with!

This is the biggest thing I've bought for my home this year and probably also the best, it's made such a difference to how we use the downstairs space. Our previous sofa looked similar but was so uncomfortable, the new one has amazing deep seats that you can really lounge and get comfy on. The brown leather is practical with dogs, and the colour gives a bit of contrast to the rest of the room which is all very light and bright. Last winter I'd always end up going upstairs to my room early because it was more comfortable, whereas now we can get the throws out and relax properly while watching the tv.

When autumn arrives, the candles come out. I'm currently burning Yankee's Frosted Cinnamon and Flamingo's Cheesecake Crunch, as well as a few smaller bakery inspired scented candles. As you can imagine, it smells pretty amazing in here right now! The little house is a tealight holder, it was only a few pounds from The Range and is so cute- perfect for this time of year.

Dressing Table
All of the products on my dressing table have now been switched over to autumn/ winter favourites. From heavier foundations and darker lipsticks to richer and more intense skincare products. I love sitting here to get ready, especially in the evening. It's nice to go to bed feeling fresh and moisturised, and having somewhere to sit and go through my routine makes it so much easier to stick to.

Finally the typical 'feet in leaves' shot. We completely remodelled our garden this year, and changed it from what can only be described as a concrete jungle into a nice space which now has a lawn and a patio area. Sadly we don't have any trees or established plants out there yet so this picture was actually taken in some nearby woods- but hopefully the garden will look a lot more seasonal next year once everything has had a chance to grow

What changes have you made around your home this autumn?


  1. Reading a brand new book in bed while drinking some hot chocolate is such a stereotype but one I enjoy partaking in!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. Yes, yes, yes, we sure do go crazy when Autumn arrives! In fact, I'll have an Autumn post coming up this weekend, lol! As for my home, I like to decorate with real pumpkins, gourds, and other Autumnal plants. Halloween is a very popular holiday here, too, so the outside of our home is also decorated with Halloween-themed decorations.

    1. I didnt do much halloween decorating this year, but had a really nice night in with lots of scary films :D x

  3. Beautiful pictures, I love them!
    I'm a photographer and just got my first polaroid camera.
    I went for a walk the other day for a blogpost and they all came out so dark, you're doing better than I am! haha!


    1. a few of mine turned out completely black lol, I found pictures inside with a bright overhead light on came out best. Good luck with yours! x