Beating The January Blues: January Wishlist

January is definitely my least favourite month of the year, it's cold and dark and I don't know about you but for me the fun of Christmas already seems like a lifetime ago! I seriously can't wait to get a bit of sunshine back into my life, and start actually doing things and going places again (instead of spending the majority of my spare time wrapped up at home under five layers of blankets, with no makeup on and hair shoved in a greasy topknot). January does this to me every year, but if there's one thing that can always beat the blues and make me feel better it's doing a bit of online shopping and having my shiny new purchases arrive right at my door. I've been having a browse through some of my favourite shops and compiling a list for payday. Here's what I've got my eye on! 

I have to admit I wasn't entirely sure about capes when I first started seeing people wearing them, but over the last few weeks I've really grown to like how they look. Being a fan of easy to wear clothes that you can throw on but still look like you've made an effort, the simplicity and comfort of these definitely appeals to me. I think I'd get a lot of wear out of one, especially in a black or grey that could be worn over anything. 

One of my winter staples are knee boots, I like wearing them over leggings with long sleeve dresses. Cute and casual while keeping your feet and legs warm and dry, perfect for right through the winter and well into the spring. I usually go for flat boots with a minimalistic style, great for everyday wear. 

I'm not a fan of how jumpers look on me, and so cardigans are another winter essential. I'm loving long, slouchy styles like this one at the moment. Nice and comfy, great for the chilly days or if you're just popping out somewhere quickly so don't need your usual thick winter coat.

Could this possibly be any more perfect for the cold, horrible winter? Nice and oversized in a thick cosy material, I love the print of this one and think venturing outside in the cold would be so much more bearable while wearing this! 

The majority of my perfumes are light and sweet fruity/floral types of scents. While these tend to be my favourites and I'll wear them all year round, I think it would be nice to have a specifically 'winter' perfume to wear throughout the colder months. Jo Malones Nutmeg and Ginger sounds perfect, I absolutely love the sound of the notes: nutmeg, ginger and sandalwood. I always buy spicy, festive wintery candles but for some reason have never picked up a similarly scented perfume. 

Whats on your January Wishlist?


  1. OMG those boots are lush! Tania xx

    1. gorgeous aren't they, and could be worn with just about anything! x

  2. Love that scarf - blanket ones are so cosy! I really want some Nike trainers but it's a bit of a splurge!! xx

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    1. I currently have my eye on the Nike Voom Vapour trainers! They're so cute and half price at the mo :) x