Taking a New Path: Why I'm Doing an Online Learning Course

I think the problem with choosing an educational course to study when you're seventeen, is that once you've finished it's not necessarily something you'll want to do for a career for the rest of your life. I graduated from university with a degree in Criminology and Psychology, and while the course was great I never ended up going down that career path. Not only since positions in that kind of field are extremely competitive and hard to come by (this was especially the case during the recession which was all going on as I was finishing my course) but fast forward a few years and now it's not even something I'd actually want to do for a job. Despite the debt I'll never regret going to university and am proud that I achieved my degree. But a career in what I studied in was never meant to be which is fine. Since graduating I've really wanted to study again, I'm definitely at my happiest when I'm learning new things. But with the cost of a masters or another degree out of the question, it left me wondering what to do next. For me, home learning was by far the best option, and so I've recently started a course with NCC Home Learning. It's perfect for gaining new skills and knowledge with the chance to start out on an entirely new path. Plus being able to study in your own time is perfect for those of us who need to fit learning around other commitments. Since I work full time I needed something that would allow me to study around this, which a home learning course does.

There are loads of different courses on the NCC Home Learning website, and they offer a range of different qualifications. I wanted to do something completely different to what I've ever studied before. I put very little thought or research into what course I chose for my degree (I literally just picked a one I liked the sound of off a list which is quite ridiculous really). But this time I wanted to choose more wisely. One of my passions definitely lies in beauty, and so I've decided to undertake Beauty Therapy Level 2. No previous knowledge is needed to study which is ideal for me, I've been blogging about beauty for the past four years but I've never had any training or actual guidance into it and so I'm so excited to be able to learn more! While I'll likely need to continue studying once this is finished, it's a huge positive step in the right direction. The course covers everything from skincare, nails, waxing, makeup and various different beauty treatments- as well as the more business side of things. This includes consultations, health and safety and promotions which will be useful for anyone looking to go into beauty careers or self employment. At £202 for the course (with the ability to pay in instalments) it means being able to study again is actually in reach, with no need to pay thousands or take out huge loans. 

I'll keep you updated as to how I get on during the course as well as write up a full review once I've completed it, which I hope will be helpful to anyone else looking to undertake something like this. I'm really looking forward to studying again as an adult, and being older and wiser I know I'm better able to organise myself and manage my time. I'm especially happy to be investing time and effort into myself again, and gaining new knowledge. If you had 'learn something new' scribbled on your new years resolutions list then why not look into something like this too? Who knows what it could lead to!

Have you ever taken an home learning course, or studied as a mature student?


  1. I have NVQ 2 (and 3) in Beauty Therapy. Although slightly different to your course (I did it at college) I loved every minute of it. I also studied as a mature student when I undertook my business degree. Well done you. : ) xx
    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

  2. Good luck with the course, Im hoping to study again at some point either at an online college or the open university xx

  3. I am exactly on the same boat as you! I finished my nursing degree in 2007 and I haven't done anything nursing-related since nor I want to! In the last few years I have become really interested in beauty too so I would definitely go for the same course as you! I don't know how I feel about not going to class tho, I don't know if I'd be able to push myself to do it being at home!

    I wish you all the best with this course and make sure to let us know how you getting on with it! :)

    Montse ¦ BEAUTEUR