Whats in My Makeup Bag: The Moving House Edition!

There's nothing that can cause a roller coaster of emotions quite like moving house, it has genuinely left me feeling a bit all over the place! Me and my boyfriend have moved forty miles away to a whole new city and I'd sum it up as experiencing equal parts stress, elation, frustration and joy- often all at the same time (which is kind of draining as you can probably imagine). I'm happy to say the hard part is now done, we've physically moved our lives from one place to another and can finally enjoy settling into our new home with a massive sigh of relief. I'd love to report that it was a very calm and organised move but the reality was it was just plain hectic, although we'd been discussing the idea for a while the actual move came about a lot quicker than anticipated and so calling it a massive rush job would be the understatement of the year. Luckily for me I had the good sense to at least throw a few products into a makeup bag before everything was boxed up and whisked off to the new house- here's what I went for!

These are my three essential base products; something to cover up my rosy cheeks, bronze up the paleness and even everything out makes all the difference to my confidence. I recently repurchased Too Faced Born This Way foundation which is by far the best I've ever tried, it's actually amazing. It evens out my skin tone and gives a good amount of coverage without feeling heavy at all on the skin. I've been setting it with Kiko's powder foundation, this was from their Modern Tribes collection which I fell in love with last summer (I'm a bit concerned by the fact that it was limited edition so I have no idea whether I'll be able to get it again, because it's such a staple in my routine!) It gives a really nice natural soft matte finish to the skin while still giving a bit of coverage too., perfect to wear over foundation or even just on its own for a light makeup look. I've been topping this off with George's Queen Bee bronzer, I pulled this out of my collection just before I moved and a quick swatch reminded what a nice product it is. It's a warmer shade so is best suited for the summer, but still looks natural enough to be worn all year round.

 This little Lash n Line duo is great for a travel bag, you get two products in one and it takes up hardly any space! I usually do a quick cat eye with the top liner, line the waterline with the kohl liner and a quick swipe of mascara, so easy and takes seconds to do but makes me look much more awake. Finished with a brow pencil to define my eyebrows and I'm good to go. This one from Glo and Ray is an all time favourite and as you can tell from the length I've used it quiiiite a lot. If I'm doing a full face and really putting the effort in I'll usually use my HD Brows palette, but this is great and so quick for daily wear. 

Not that eyeshadow is majorly important for a quick makeup look but I decided to bring this along with me (even though it didn't fit in the bag!) I did manage to apply some eyeshadow on a couple of days, and the big mirror came in really handy because I completely forgot to leave out an actual mirror. This palette contains the most perfect shades that I could have possibly wanted for an occasion like this- really easy to wear neutrals that apply beautifully. Finally I chucked in a nude/pink lipstick, Please Me by Mac is one of my favourite easy to wear shades that finishes off any makeup look.

What are your travel makeup bag essentials?


  1. Glad to hear the move went well....packing and then unpacking...urgh!! I really love the eye palette, all the colours are wearable which is very unusual in a palette that large. ;)

    http://bit.ly/1o3SsvM (Vodkaandarose)

    1. Thanks Jessica! I know it's such a horrible job packing and then unpacking again, although it did give me the chance to have a good sort through and declutter which is a good thing! The Gwen palette is so beautiful, I know what you mean its so wearable. It's only the two bright shades I don't tend to go for x

  2. Beautiful flatlay, I am just starting to get into make-up but I am a sucker for lipstick. I love that color =)


    1. Aww thank you! I'm experimenting with a new photo setup at the moment so glad you liked it :) x

  3. I'm happy the move went well! I never like moving because it just takes so long and when you have alot of stuff, it just makes it more annoying.

    I'm so on the fence with wanting the Gwen Stefani palette! It looks like a great palette for my fair skin, but I feel like I already have colors like it in my already massive collection.


  4. Lovely post, moving is always soo stressful for me. Whenever I moved back to university it was so stressful knowing I had to pack everything away apart from a few essentials. Glad to hear your move went well! And palettes are so handy, I always take a blush palette away with me because of the mirror!

    Hafsah :)