Planning The Perfect Romantic Weekend

Spring is officially here. Blackthorn blossom is dusting the hedgerows with their luxurious snow-like buds and the cuckoos are on their way home. It is a season immortalised by poets from Shakespeare to Larkin and it’s no wonder given the promise of new life unfurling across the natural world. Spring therefore is the perfect excuse to enjoy a romantic weekend away. Planning the perfect romantic weekend might seem daunting but even if you’re new to it all it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, with some organisation and forethought it can be one of the most enjoyable and memorable moments of your relationship. Here are some top tips for putting together a weekend that will create a lifetime of memories for you and your loved one. 

What Will You Do?
Put your best foot forward in their shoes; the first question you need to ask yourself is what does your partner like to do? The most romantic gestures are ones that demonstrate how well you know each other and sharing their passions and joy, even if it isn’t something you would naturally choose to do yourself. Whether it’s long walks on the beach or a dinner and a show, there are lots of options so put yourself in their shoes and show how much you care.  Don’t plan too much; it’s easy to get carried away and before you know it you have an itinerary that the military would be proud of. Its great to have a few highlights booked during your stay, such as a nice dinner or a trip to a favourite art gallery but allow room for romance to blossom. Its often in the gaps, the quiet times of just being together that the fondest memories are made. 

Where Will You Stay
It’s the journey and the destination; once you’ve decided the type of break you want to surprise your loved one with the next step is choosing the perfect place to stay. Again there are so many options to choose from and it may depend on what type of holiday you want (camping might not mix well with a dinner and show!) In many cases the accommodation will be central to your plans for instance a stay at a spa or enjoying the tranquility and facilities of a luxury hotel like the stunning 19th Century The Wood Norton. It may also depend on your budget, although in such a competitive market you will find plenty of deals and special offers meaning you can pull off romance on a budget.

Romantic Extras
Pack well; why not add a few finishing touches to really make the stay memorable. Flowers, candles, champagne and massage oil are excellent additions to any suitcase and will ensure your weekend goes with a bang even if the unpredictable spring weather lets you down. If this is inconvenient why not call ahead and see if you can have some of these things left in the room for when you arrive for that extra special surprise. Relax; you’ve checked the weather, got local taxi numbers and train times and are packed and ready to go. Even if you think you have everything covered some things just don’t go to plan. Relax! Sometimes changes lead to exciting opportunities and as long as you’re together that perfect weekend will create itself.

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