Why You Really Should Make a Will

Around 53 percent of adults in this country do not have a will. This might not sound like a big deal, and perhaps it won’t be for those people, but for their families, should the worst happen, it could be disastrous both emotionally and financially. The last thing anyone wants is to do is die leaving their nearest and dearest in financial difficulties, or causing rifts within the family, but it happens all the time when the deceased doesn’t have a will, which is a shame because drawing up a will with Wilson Browne Solicitors is simple and affordable. There is no reason for anyone not to have a will in this day and age. Not convinced you need a will right now? Here are some of the most pressing reasons why you should make a will even if you’re young and fit right now:

You Can Ensure Your Estate is Distributed Fairly
If you have a professional will, it will be a lot easier for your executor to ensure that your estate is distributed fairly in such a way that all of your nearest and dearest are looked after the way you would like. If you don’t have a will, there is no telling who will get what and that could cause financial hardships or bitter arguments within your family. 

You Can Choose Your Executors
Being able to choose your own executors is pretty important if you want your estate to be distributed fairly and your funeral to be as planned. After all, you know who you can most trust to do the right thing, and by choosing someone in advance, you remove the hassle of them having to apply to be an executor at a time when they are sure to have enough on their plate already.

You Can Ensure Your Kids are Looked After
If you have young children, then drawing up a will is essential. It will enable you to ensure that they are adequately financially provided for once you’re gone, and more importantly, it will enable you to choose a guardian to take care of them until they reach adulthood.

You Can Bequest Specific Items to Specific People
Often, when a person dies without a will, there are fights over sentimental items and expensive objects, and these fights can cause people to become estranged. If you have a will, you can make it clear which pieces of jewellery or sums of cash each person gets. It might not completely prevent arguments from happening, but it should minimise them, and it will allow you to leave that piece your sister always loved to her if you so wish.

Ensure ALL Children Get a Share
If you’ve remarried and you have children from your previous marriage, writing a will, even if you do it with one of the products from Ten Minute Will is the only way to ensure that all of your children get a share of your estate. You wouldn’t believe how many children miss out because there is no will.

Ensure Your Partner Gets a Share
If you aren’t married, then your partner does not have any automatic legal rights to any part of your estate, so if you don’t want to see them penniless and forced to move out of the home you shared together (if you own the house) you need to make your wishes clear. Drawing up a will is really easy, and as you can see it’s really important. 

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