Bored Of The Bottom? Work Your Way Up

You’ve got a job working for your dream company, great! But that was two years ago, and you’re still no further ahead than you were when you began. You wanted progression, but it feels as though you’re never going to get any. That’s most likely because you’re not putting in the effort needed to get there. Have you ever notice some of you co-workers who have only been there a year have been promoted? That’s because they know how to play the game, and after this article, you will too.

This is an obvious one, but work hard. It’s so easy to get a good job, settle in, and after a year become so complacent that you stop working as hard. This is technically your employers, and your fault. If a job is the same every day, why wouldn’t you get a tad bored? Usually, it’s the people at the job that make it better. If you’ve got to that stage, try having a chat with your boss, and see if there are any different roles that you can learn that are still at your level. If you say you’re becoming a bit complacent and wish to learn new things, they should be pretty understanding. But if not, try and remain focused and stick with it. The sooner they see you working hard, the sooner they’ll be looking to move you up.

This is going to be a little more of an expensive gamble. But pay to take some extra training. The world of business is so hard to understand. But there is so many courses out there, like the one at Training Connection, that can offer you skills for life. Even if it doesn’t help you progress in your current role. It can open so many doors for you. Future employees will love to see that you’ve actively tried to gain new skills on your own. If you take a course that helps with project management, it’s sure to catch the attention of your current boss, however. Leadership skills are everything when it comes to moving on up.

We’ve saved the worse for last. Sucking up to your boss. Nothing grabs their attention more than the person who asks if they want a coffee every morning. Or even simply asks how they are. Couple this with the above two points, and you’re onto a winner. Making your presence known, at the same time as smashing all of your targets is a complete winner. If you work in a large office, it’s often the case that the top manager won’t even remember your name. So do what others will hate you for, and try to be his favourite employee. You can also use it as an opportunity to point out how eager you are to move up the ranks. Sometimes, it’s just the case that they assume you don’t want to progress.

So there are a few ways that you can get yourself out of what may seem like a bottomless hole. It’s always good to progress through the ranks, as you’ll learn vital skills that you’ll be able to transfer to any role!

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