Are You Wearing The Wrong Sized Bra? More Than Likely!

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It's estimated that more than a third of women wear the wrong sized bra- crazy right? I doubt many of us would be so lax about wearing the wrong sized shoes (ouch) so why do we do it with bras when they're such an essential piece of clothing? Buying bras without being measured, not replacing them often enough and choosing a style that's wrong for your body shape are a couple of the mistakes we're making leading to ill fitting bras. Looking to update your underwear? Here are five tips for buying bras.

Put Together a Basic Bra Wardrobe
In order to have the right bra for every occasion, you should put together a basic 'bra wardrobe'. This includes things like a sports bra, a tshirt bra, one with removable/ versatile straps etc. Many of your choices will probably come from the type of clothes your wear often and your style, but don't forget your basic essentials/ staple pieces. I recommend these comfortable stretch bras for sleeping in- so much better than having clasps and wires digging in while you're trying to relax! 

Buy Bras For Your Shape
After creating your bra wardrobe and the types of bras you need, you can then begin to think about styles and specifics. For example, larger busts might want to go for fuller coverage cups as opposed to something like a demi cup. If you're bigger in the bust department and are looking for plus size lingerie, go with a company that specifically caters for curvier women. You will have far more choice in your size that way.

Invest in Quality
There's nothing wrong with highstreet undies, but for the most part you're probably going to be buying and replacing more often. For long lasting and higher quality you've got to splash the cash, it might be annoying spending money on something that you're only going to put clothes over the top of, but for it's worth it for the overall fit and feel. I'd definitely recommend spending a little more on your everyday bras even if they're the more boring styles to buy, just as they're the ones you'll have on most often.

Replace When Necessary
A worn out bra will be stretched out, could be damaged and will no longer offer the same level of support as when it was new. A rule of thumb is that a bra should be replaced after 100 washings and 100 wearings, but you can prolong the life of them as much as possible by using the correct delicates cycle on your washing machine or by hand washing. If you're finding they're looking a bit worse for wear, there's your excuse to go underwear shopping. 

Always Get Measured
Finally, possibly the most important thing. Get measured! It's no use having the best bra in the world if it doesn't fit you properly. This is always something I hated having done when I was younger but I don't mind so much these days; the fitting ladies are always brilliant at their job, and it's worth the few minutes of awkwardness to have the best fitting bras afterwords. It's recommended that you get measured for a bra every two years, or after any weight gain or loss. So if it's something you've been putting off, go and get it done!

Do you have any tips for shopping for bras?

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