YouTube, You And Your Business

Do you think that you’ve exhausted all marketing options for your business? Well, if you haven’t taken your company onto YouTube, then you have one more opportunity to try and further your marketing strategies! You might not think that YouTube is such an obvious choice for your business as it is made up of funny cat videos and vloggers talking about their own lives. But that really isn’t the case! Brands have finally realised that there are huge opportunities to reach a much wider audience on this video platform. It can help boost your marketing campaigns and help your strategies feel really fresh and up to date. You just need to remember all of these great tips.

Keep On Updating
You will have to create a YouTube channel for your business, and this will be where all your videos are posted to. It’s important that you keep this channel up to date with lots of fresh content. That way, there is no way any YouTube browsers who stumble upon your page will think that it’s stale and currently not in use. Ideally, you should update this channel with a new video at least once a week.

Remember Calls To Action
There should be plenty of links in your video descriptions. These should link back to your website, online shop, and social media profiles. However, you can’t just add them to the descriptions and then leave them there as the majority of people won’t notice them or feel compelled to click on them. So, you need to remember to put a call to action in all of your videos. This will prompt people to click on the links and buy your products or services! 

Get The Pros On Board
If you have never made a video before, you might find that the whole process is incredibly stressful and time-consuming. So, it’s a good idea to outsource most of the production. For instance, you should hire a cameraman to help you film your videos. It’s also worth hiring a female or male voice over artist to be a narrator for your video. Don’t have time to edit? Don’t worry, there are lots of freelance video editors out there who can do all of this for you.

Monitor Comments
Viewers and members of the YouTube community will no doubt be eager to comment on all your videos to let you know what they thought of them. While most of these comments will be positive, there will also be a few in there that are less than pleased. If you find that you have some negative comments under your video, you should address them in a professional manner. Make sure you reply and give a reply so that it doesn’t look like you are ignoring them. No matter what you try and say, make sure you do so professionally, and try to refrain from swearing or negative comments directed at the individual who left the original comment.

Looks like it’s time to invest in a camera!

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