10 Benefits to Owning a Motorhome

Whether you buy a campervan, RV or a caravan that you can attach to your vehicle- a motorhome gives you the benefit of somewhere to stay that can be easily moved around. With somewhere to sleep, living space and in some cases even a fully functioning bathroom it's a great way to get around if you love to travel. The Pierce-Arrow motor company came up with this idea back in the year 1910, their primary intention was to help adventurous campers travel long distances without leaving their family behind. These days, camping and caravanning holidays are still suitable for all the family and can make an inexpensive way to travel. Here are just ten great reasons for owning a motorhome.

1. Comfortable
If you love adventure and being on the go, a motorhome offers you a comfortable way to get around. With shelter, light, food and drink and warmth it makes for a far better option than staying in a tent. When you go to campsites, they can hook you up to water, electricity, even wifi for that home-from-home experience.

2. Freedom
Being able to move your motorhome from A to B gives you freedom. You can stay where ever you want, providing it's safe and legal. You could stick with campsites, or you could go further out and explore the wilderness. If you live in Australia this could be going into the outback, or if you're in the US you could visit some less habited states. In the UK you could explore the countryside, everywhere from the Lake District to the Yorkshire Dales.

3. Booking is unnecessary
When you're traveling to a hotel, in most cases you will have to book in advance. While you will still need to book popular campsites during busy periods, if you're going somewhere that's not a tourist destination you can go whenever you want. If you like spontaneous trips, or you arent always sure when exactly you'll be able to take time off work then something like this is ideal.

4. You can bring the whole family
Lots of motorhomes can hold up to eight occupants. If you like going on adventures where you can bring extended family, or you just have a lot of children then having a motorhome gives you all somewhere to stay without having to book out multiple hotel rooms.

5. Family friendly
Not all hotels are child friendly. However when you have a motorhome, you can customise it to your families needs and make sure you bring everything your children will need for the duration. There's only so much you can bring when you're going on a plane or to a hotel with a couple of suitcases. When you have a motorhome, you can kit it out as you see fit.

6. Pet friendly
Lots of hotels can have strict rules concerning pets. Not everyone can afford to kennel their dogs, and in some cases you simply might not want to. When you have a motorhome, you can bring your dog on holidays with you. Camping holidays are great for dogs, you can bring them with you while you go hiking and explore the area. Bring their dog bed and they can sleep in the motorhome with you at night.

7. Freedom to experience nature
Whether you want to experience the desert, the countryside or the wilderness, a campervan allows you to do this safely. It protects you from the elements giving you a secure place to sleep while allowing you to go wherever you want.

8. Freedom to work freelance
An office can be a limiting place, especially if you love adventure. With a good caravan, you have the privilege of working from any spot. Most campsites offer wifi meaning you can catch up with work or earn money as you travel.

9. Save cash
Hotels can be expensive, which isn't ideal if you're on a budget. When you have a motorhome you can travel incredibly cheaply, As much as the initial cost of buying one can be expensive, once you have what you need you can go wherever you like. All you have to consider is fuel, and any campsite fees if you're using them but these are rarely expensive.

10. No need for suitcases
No need to lug heavy bags and suitcases around, when you have a motorhome everything is kitted out as you want it. When you arrive at your destination, you already have everything you need!

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