Treat Yourself: Life Upgrades That Can Have a Big Impact

When you’ve been working for yourself for a while, it is all too easy to keep putting money into the things around you. Your home on rent or your mortgage, your business likely has expenses also. All of those things must of course be paid for, meaning sometimes we are hesitant to spend our cash on anything else. After all who knows when you might not be in the same position again. But that’s precisely why if you’re making a steady, regular income and your bills are paid you should treat yourself. It’s hard to accept sometimes when we are doing well, especially when it’s been a long road to get there or there have been some serious hiccups along the way. So hesitation is only natural, but learn to let go a little and enjoy the occasional treat free of guilt. After all, you've earned it. These luxuries in life are one of the reasons we work hard and push ourselves to earn more money! Here are a few things you can upgrade to better your life. 

If you already have a car, maybe it’s not the car you love to drive but more just the car you have right now. And, sure a car is just to get you from A to B most of the time, but sometimes it’s nice to take a drive in something truly spectacular. Or, at least something comfortable and smooth. The chances are if you are self-employed you live most of your working life in your home office or traveling. So why not take a look at something on the luxurious side, like the new Mercedes AMG GLC Class? After all, a car will be one of the most significant purchases you make in your life, so you should make it worth it, right? If you aren’t driving right now then a great way to upgrade your life would be to start taking driving lessons. There is nothing wrong with public transport, it’s fantastic for millions of people every day, but having a license gives you much more independence and freedom.

You might feel like you are lacking in certain knowledge areas - and they might have nothing to do with your business. This one is about upgrading your personal skills. Building on what you already have, or creating something new. For example, most small businesses need to use social media - so why not take a course and put that to good use. It will save money too, by meaning you can handle most campaigns yourself. Or if you want to travel or expand your business, perhaps even just take work from a different client, then languages are always a great idea. You can make a course online and at your own pace so that it won’t interfere with everything else that you have going on in life. You’re never going to be sorry for what you’ve learned in life, but you may regret what you didn’t. 

Most people wouldn’t be able to work from home if they didn’t have internet access and some kind of device. Already, However, it’s very easy to get attached to older laptops and computers because that’s where it all started. But gone are the days of the floppy discs and the memory cards packed with projects. You can now share huge file sizes with clients in seconds due to cloud storage. As well as cloud storage, and HDDs the actual tech you use to work probably needs an upgrade too. It might just be in boosting its memory, or a new processor or you may need a whole new system. It pays to stay within the same type of operating system too. They each come with their own perks so you’ll need to work out what you like best. Think about being portable and ease of travel when required, what the primary uses are - like design work or editing photos. 

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