Cute Cars I Love the Look Of!

girly interior of a fiat 500 car

The main purpose of a car might be to get us from A to B, but it’s appearance is important too. Just like we decorate our homes to suit our style, a car is a way to showcase our personality, and you’re always going to be happier driving one that you like the look of. If like me you’re a bit of a girly girl and want a car to match, here are a few that I personally love. 

New Beetle
This is the car I currently own. I’d always wanted one, and a few months before passing my driving test I went ahead and found one within my budget. I went for the convertible model in the cream colour. I guess with the beetle it’s a ‘love it or hate it’ kind of thing, but I get lots of compliments on its looks. Despite the fact that sixteen years old it still looks stylish, and doesn’t look like an old banger like lots of other cars of its age. When you buy a beetle it means you’re able to get a car that looks cute but without spending a fortune- the cream and white models do tend to fetch a higher price, but they’re not super expensive. This is perfect if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a car, or it’s your first car. I’m looking for something a little newer now with some more up to date features, but if you’re after a vehicle that looks nice and gets you from A to B then this is one to consider. Mine has been very reliable too (aside from breaking down when I very first got it!) It’s passed every MOT and I’ve not had to fork out for any major repairs. I regularly drive from Telford to Coventry which is a hundred mile round trip, with no issues at all.

Fiat 500
The Fiat 500 craze is still strong, look in any supermarket car park or keep an eye out on the roads and you can spot them everywhere. If you’ve ever read ‘Fiat 500 Twitter’ you’ll know that they get of a bad rap, but that can’t take away from the fact that they’re great little cars. The retro style interior coupled with cute colour choices make them a firm favourite for girls that want a small, modern car that looks nice. When I upgrade my car, I’m almost certain this is what I’ll go for! They’re not expensive but newer models can go up to around 10k, there’s always the option of finance when you want to buy a newer car. Dealerships like ovms often have their own finance deals, so it can be worth going straight to the garage or showroom of the vehicle you like and enquiring from there if you like the look of it.

Mini Convertible
The iconic mini is another firm favourite when it comes to cute cars. Unlike the other two it’s something that men and women both tend to drive- but in a light or pastel colour especially in the convertible model and it can look ultra girly. Newer Minis are quite expensive, but there are some good deals on older models if you look around. 

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