Giving Your Old Interiors a Classy Feel!

a modern, classy living room in neutral tones

When you’ve lived somewhere for a long time you can start to get a little bored with your surroundings, or seek a change to match other changes in your life. But you’ve stayed put so long for a reason, right, you like where you live. Maybe you once had children that have now moved out, or you want to forget a relationship that took place inside these walls - what you need isn’t to find a new house, but to spruce up the interior to give your home a new classy feel. 

Turning your lounge into a fortress 
What better place to start than with the hub of your house, the lounge. This is where you come to pass some down time, to relax and watch TV, to entertain your guests or to gather around the fire with a glass of wine. Whatever it is that takes place in this room, the main focus is going to be the sofas. Choosing luxury sofas as the centre point of your lounge is an excellent starting point that sets the tone for everything else. The goal is not only to give off class, but to provide yourself with the most comfortable chill out spot, fit for a queen. You can also tune the vibe of your lounge by throwing down a new rug. Not only can the texture add a layer of comfort, but rugs can help define the aesthetic of the room and anchor down the new look you are going for. Just remember the tips from my previous article on how to balance style and comfort in your home

Give your walls some TLC 
Whether your wallpaper is old and tattered or you just haven’t had a change in forever, redecorating your walls can be just the touch you need to balance a room with elegance. Delve into a new colour scheme, indulge in some expensive wallpaper or use some simple tricks like the accent wall, an accent ceiling, or perhaps the half painted wall, which can add the illusion of extra height to a room, to achieve your desire effect. As an alternative to wallpaper or paint, you can add a chic look to your bathroom, kitchen or even your bedroom by shiplapping the walls. This can add an interesting element to any room and can be carried out on a DIY budget or taken more seriously with professional installation. You can choose from a range of wood types or go for a classy white washed look. Finally, splash your walls with art work and mirrors! Hanging lots of art looks particularly good in a lounge and helps bring out the personality of a room in your unique way. On the other hand, mirrors can be strategically placed to make rooms look bigger and more grand, particularly when framed right. 

Take care of the small details 
Of course acquiring fancy new furniture is an obvious way to create a different atmosphere, but replacing everything can get expensive. In fact, there are plenty of smaller things you can focus on to ensure your home exudes class, but without the price tag. Pick accessories that accentuate the room and go with the style and think about their placement. Check out some of these ideas for coffee table layouts, or consider integrating your decor with the books on the shelf. Classing up your home doesn’t have to be expensive and it can be a liberating project, so have some fun with it!

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