Wet Weather Vs. Your Hairstyle: How to Beat Humidity

There are way too many jokes about the British weather, but sadly, they are true. It’s a rare month in the UK that doesn’t see at least ten rainy days. And even when it should “dry” season, there are days when humidity can ruin your hairstyle anyway. Therefore, learning how to beat the wet weather is a must if you want to make sure your hair looks fantastic at all times. Today, there are enough specialized products and tools that will allow you to do this with minimal effort. So, you won’t need to cut your hair or braid it all the time. The best thing is that your hairstyle will look natural and attractive instead of like an artificial wig glued to your head. 

Why Does Your Hair Frizz in the Rain? 
In order to make sure your hair stays smooth and beautiful regardless of the weather you need to understand what exactly makes it frizz and become unruly. The cause is moisture in the air. Your hair absorbs it like a sponge, and similar to a sponge, it expands when wet. The hair shaft swells, lifting the cuticles it’s covered with. Thus, the frizz is born. This “lifting” is what eradicates the effect of your styling products as wet hair simply overpowers them. The result is a frizzy mop of hair that seems impossible to do anything about. You also need to understand that this phenomenon affects everyone differently. Some people will be barely affected, but those who have more porous and especially curly hair might be able to predict the rain just by watching their hairstyles go wild. If you are one of these people, the following tips will help you beat the frizz. 

Focus on Pre-Styling over Styling 
It’s tempting to increase the amount of styling products in your hair to get a “stronger” effect in the hopes of keeping your locks tamed. However, this way you will run the risk of creating a very uncomplimentary look. Styling products under the influence of moisture can make your hair look dirty, greasy, and limp. All in all, the effect can be awful, especially if you are unlucky enough to actually catch some rainwater on your hair. Therefore, over-styling your hair is out of the question. However, you’ll benefit greatly from the right pre-styling. This type of products will help give your hair texture and make it stick. Use the spray or leave-in conditioner that fits your hair type. Then, dry your hair thoroughly, making sure no strand is left moist. Finally, add a light coating of the best hairspray you can afford. Go out, get wet, then comb your locks and watch them spring back into the right hairstyle. It won’t be perfect, but it’s much better than trying to unglue strands that clump together because of the excess of styling products that got wet. 

Condition Your Hair to Obey 
Pre-styling and styling with the right products will only help you so much. However, you can reduce the dreaded frizz by making your hair healthier from the inside. As mentioned before, your locks go frizzy when cuticles on them lift. This can’t be avoided completely, but the effect will be much less potent if your hair is well-moisturized. This means using deep-conditioning treatments once a week and switching to a high-grade moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Moreover, if your hair is naturally curly, you should use hot oil treatments. They will help bring this type of hair to optimal health, so when the rain strikes, your cuticles won’t be so “eager” to lift and ruin your hairstyle for the day. Remember that consistency is the key to making your hair healthy and therefore more rain-resistant. 

When Nothing Helps: Take It in Style 
As mentioned before, removing the frizzing effect completely is impossible, and even the best prep and styling won’t help if you get soaked. In this case, you can only count on hairstyles that look good even in wet weather. If you can’t pull those off, you should consider carrying a compact hairdryer so you can dry your hair when you get inside. The faster you do this, the less frizzy it will be. However, if you can’t manage that either, just remember that you are beautiful always and carry yourself with dignity. Some measly rain and wet hair cannot detract from your charm when you are confident in yourself.

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