Is Modifying Your Car A Good Idea?

There are many types of car modification that you can invest in from personalised number plates to engine remapping. While car mods can be a fun way to customise your vehicle and even improve your status, you need to carefully weigh up the pros and cons first. Below are some of the things you should consider before modifying your car. 

Consider the practicality
Lowering your car and putting a turbocharger on it might seem cool, but you should consider whether it’s really practical. A lot of new young drivers invest in these types of ‘street racer’ car mods only to realise that they rarely have the chance to make use of the increased speed and can no longer go over speed bumps. Prioritise car modifications that are practical. If you’re not going to be taking your car to track days, consider safety mods such as parking sensors or eco-upgrades such as changing the air filter. Even if you are going to be taking part in motorsports, don’t just focus on speed upgrades - look into improving your safety on the track. You can discover a range of racing harnesses online. Roll cages and other safety modifications could also be worth considering. 

Consider your budget
Modifying a car can be expensive. You should consider what your budget is so that you’re not overstretching yourself. Ideally you should save up for car mods instead of taking out loans - tuning up your vehicle is not something worth getting in debt for. You may be able to save money on car modifications by shopping around for cheaper workshops or even fitting modifications yourself. Just be sure that any modification is installed professionally. Poorly-fitted modifications could be a danger - it’s better to invest in an expert so that you know your modification is fitted correctly. 

Consider the long-term costs
A lot of drivers don’t consider the long-term costs that car modifications can have. Something as simple as getting racing stripes can push up the price of your car insurance - any upgrade that is associated with ‘boy street racers’ will generally increase your rates, because cars with such upgrades are statistically more likely to be in accidents. Weigh up whether you’re willing to pay higher insurance rates. You should also consider how car mods could affect the value of your car. You may like the idea of lime green rims, but not every other driver may appreciate such a feature - be careful of adding personal taste modifications to your vehicle if you plan to one day sell it, as they could devalue your car and make it hard to sell. 

Some car modifications can affect fuel consumption too. Anything that adds extra weight to your car (such as a roof box or tow bar) will have a negative impact, while acceleration upgrades will almost certainly make you guzzle more fuel. Other upgrades such as weight reduction or adding a high-flow cold air intake system could reduce your fuel consumption.

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